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  1. For the people that have a fx8530 what do you have it clocked at
  2. Right now I have a FM2 so I have to get a new one. Also is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO a good cooler for it?
  3. Thanks I think ill go with the 8350
  4. DayZ is probably my favorite game right now but I do play other games like BF4 and plan on playing newer games. My athlon gets 30-70 FPS on DayZ Mod depending on the server. All I would like is 40+ FPS at all times, if the 8350 can do that I would be happy.
  5. Also im on a budget so im kind of leaning toward the FX. I heard that games are starting to use more cores so the FX would be better.
  6. Hey guys Right now I have an Athlon 750k Quad core 3.6Ghz. (I know it sucks which is why I want to upgrade.) Anyways, I wasnt sure to get either an I5 4670k Haswell or the AMD FX-8350 Vishera Eight Core. I have heard different responses so im not exactly sure what to get. All responses are appreciated!
  7. Daz


    Well me and a few friends are all playing together and I have had a lot of experience in groups just not in DayZRP. Also yes my question has been answer thanks everyone:)
  8. Daz


    Ok thanks guys
  9. Daz


    So how do you get custom skins?
  10. Daz


    To make a clan do you need to donate for a custom skin? Or can you all just have different skins?
  11. Thanks that fixed it! //Thread ~Onionjack
  12. Every time I join the normal RP server I can play for a few minutes but then I get kicked. All it says is "You were kicked off the game." There nothing else. No explanation or error.
  13. Hahaah:D I read through them like three times to make sure I wouldnt get blacklisted