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  1. Yikes, didn't expect the l337 responses but fair enough.
  2. You die when a car accidentally hits you, for instance. If you're in a firefight and 1 of your 4 wins vs another 4, he can help you up. If you are trying to rob someone and they're trying to be superman. Shoot him, tie him up, pick him up. More RP.
  3. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so instead of instant death when you're defeated if we can make it so when someone drops another person is able to revive them in some manner. Would make having a medic around important and give way to more RP. Also would save RP when mistakes are made with others near by.
  4. Why is it if I'm in server 1 and it gets full, I get kicked. But then if I'm in server two and 3 spots open on server one, I get kicked from server 2 and then have to sit in a que? That sort of kills RP - if you're trying to communicate with ... idk, anyone. And then have to play musical servers.
  5. dom101

    Lost, Warm and Fed

    Up the hill - I saw smoke. Thought it was a Heli crash. Saw you.
  6. dom101

    Lost, Warm and Fed

    Funny enough, I was in the west watching you cook food.
  7. Vyktor was born in the eighties in southern Massachusetts. A run of the mill childhood of sports - basketball, football and baseball lead into an average graduation. His GPA nothing to write home about, it was unlikely he would be accepted to any schools based on his grades. As such, nothing of note came out of his childhood - until September 11, 2001. Immediately enlisting in the army, at seventeen years of age, and then spending the next ten years in wars abroad, including but not limited to combat tours in Afganistan and Iraq - the boy now grown into a man among his brother's in arms. Halfway through his sixth tour in Iraq word came down about the outbreak - and further more, Vyktor's little sister had not only reached her doctorate in virology and pathogenic studies, but she had recently made her way into Belozersk to assist with the outbreak there, to be closer to ground zero. With Vyktor's platoon slated to return to the states to assist with their own outbreaks and keeping the peace - he knew full well he was the only one that should be trusted with the life and safety of his only sister. As such he skipped out on his return flight and made his way north, north-west. When the Russian invasion and annexation was successful, and his sister's whereabouts unknown and trail gone cold, he finds himself stranded in Chernarus.
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