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  1. thank you for all the help Saunders, this thread can now be closed
  2. @Kyle Mckenzie it still dont work m8 even been trying the other beta,s to get it to work but didnt work out im lost
  3. sure thing arent gonna waist anymore time on dzsa
  4. okay so not dzsa launcher or dayz but dayz launcher to join
  5. @Kyle Mckenzie i did it all agan and trying to connect from dzsa launcher and days but still get the error
  6. sry for the bad quality but here it is ohh paremeter 2 sec i see it now sry for waisting ur time my bad
  7. hi guys can u maby guide me i dont know what to do only got the 3 mods i need for the server got them in the right order made my Character and everything but still dont work what do i do ?
  8. frank and he,s brother was in the armie when the outbreak startet the station where they was placed at was over rund by Zombie,s befor the got seperatet he,s broter sad he knew a safe place in russia area chernarus we meet there he sad it has been years from the outbreak startet frank and he,s new friends had repairet a boat and was sailing from finland but a storm was attacking the boat only frank made it to Chernarus shore but he,s friends and supply,s where gone now he had to find what ever he needs to survive so thats what he is trying to do now until this day
  9. nice and simpel thats some good work however it didnt work for me did everything it the right order but still bad version server rejected connection
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