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  1. Medical Officer for Singaporean government( He is of Captain rank). Came to Chenarus to aid in controlling the zombie outbreak. He was sent by the Singaporean government to aid Chernarus in its zombie outbreak. However, due to the escalation of the situation in chernarus, he is now alone and needs to find a way out of the Island!. He is of modest nature, yet astute in decision making. When the going gets tough, he is still able to make the hard yet effective decision, both in combat and to save lives. As a medical officer, he is trained to evaluate the situation and find the best possible method to get him and his allies out of the dire situation alive. He was also Top of his cohort in the Officer cadet course, thus he is trained in military warfare, and is a top marksman. He does have weaknesses though, he is not so keen to take a life, even if it is of his enemies. As a doctor, he has to uphold his oath not to kill. Being in chenarus will test his resolve, will he be able to keep the oath? Only time will tell.
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