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  1. Gummi grew up in a small and peaceful town outside of Chernarus. Gummi was the towns doctor, he was a gentle old man who enjoyed his job because he got to help people get back to good health. Once the infection spread Gummi went into solitude in hopes to avoid the infected and the bad people that would come from their arrival, but he knew that it wasn't right. There were people out there who needed his help, so he decides to travel to Chernarus and help as many people as he can no longer cemented to the ground by his fear of the infected. Gummi travels across Chernarus helping many people and eventually finds a group of kind souls to accompany him on his journey. One cold, dark night Gummi and his group of nomads are sitting around the fire telling stories about their past lives and all the things they miss and wish they would have done. As Gummi was telling stories about his wife that passed when the outbreak first arrived a bullet whizzes by his head and lands right in the center temple of one of his close companions. Immediately after five rough and strong looking men come out of the woods with there guns pointed at the group. Gummi tries to beg for mercy "please we just..." before Gummi can finish his sentence one of the men hits him over the head with the butt of his gun knocking Gummi unconscious. Gummi wakes tied up to the sound of screams in what seems to be a large barn of some sort. Gummi, in a daze, scans the area. What he sees in front of him puts a dark pit in his heart. Gummi's closest companion Lucas has been flayed and put on a large wooden cross. Over to Gummi's right one of the men is raping the young girl in the group. And then there was her mom who is being forced to watch he teenage daughter being violated by these terrible, dirty, and foul men. Gummi was held in that barn for a week as all of his companions were slowly tortured and killed one by one. The men decided to save Gummi for last because he was the obvious the leader of his former group. So the men decided to interrogate him to see if there any more of his people they could slaughter. Gummi held on strong, not giving up on life until his very last breathe. One afternoon after the men had finished torturing Gummi they forget to fully tie his arm to the chair. They probably thought that Gummi was to weak to do anything anyway. But Gummi fought against that rope that restrained him in place for 2 minutes before he finally broke free. Gummi found the nearest exit and snuck out as fast as he could. Now Gummi just wishes one thing. Death to those five men who did that to him and his group. He will stop at nothing to reach them and is on a mission to personally torture and kill those men.
  2. Thanks man. Glad to see you guys are welcoming.
  3. Hey guys, thought I would do an introduction. My name is Quackipoo and I'm a big survival game and RP fan. If anyone wants to talk just message me on here. Looking forward to playing.
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