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  1. thanks you once again and mine took 3 hours most of that was trying to find the pass phrase aha
  2. You dont necessarily have to it was just an example of what they might say should they not accept you for whatever reason. They always tell you what you did wrong and what to do to fix it basically if you fail i didnt save the page i just sent it in
  3. ah damn i didn't give any time and dates just locations still an in depth back story hopefully its good enough still, also thanks for the information
  4. will i get told if my application wasnt good enough?
  5. theres a lock? witch means what?
  6. hopefully well taken me 2 hours
  7. i cant its was a joke, the secret is (what it was) how did i not get that
  8. aaahhh yeah okay yeah i did i cannot belive my self
  9. really 500 words on the, What is NLR and how does it work on DayZRP? and What is KoS and how does KoS rule work on DayZRP? really? i have to do 500 words ?
  10. i dont even know if its a sentence or a word?
  11. i could write them in a comment without looking
  12. well it was a pretty sarcastic good luck in my opinion , and lol 4 pages is it a sentence or a word?