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  1. TurkRP

    New Haven

    o7 cuties, goodluck
  2. Rise-of-Empires-Ottoman-Netflix.jpg


    Great series, 10/10.


    @JimRP im so proud of our ancestors

    1. JimRP


      Not your ancestors or mine, Dutch community member Turk.

    2. DallasRP


      I'm envious of both of you. 

    3. TurkRP


      @JimRP DutchRP you say? @Rolanddo it.

  3. TurkRP

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    100% agree with this. Lets remove discord too while we are at it, causes too much metagaming and ive seen communities function good without.
  4. TurkRP

    New Life Rule warning

    No need for you to UP on this topic. Looks like this warning is/was needed, keep on going staffteam.
  5. o7 for the best 😣

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      sad arrested development GIF

  6. TurkRP

    DayZRP 20.1.1

    Thank the gods for muzzle breaks. Now everyone is gonna be a pvpgod tho..
  7. Id be fine with airlocks in between, but gates right into each other are just stupid and only there to protect “gear”.
  8. TurkRP

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    Looking cute bois! /Approved
  9. TurkRP

    Remove Winter Chernarus on January 1st

    Been taking a break since and because of winter map, please get rid of it.
  10. Just lost mine today after a month. @Rolandplease give new one.
  11. TurkRP

    Livonia Idea

    buy me livonia habibi and ill play with you Tbh i think its the wintermap making people not wanna play, atleast the reason for me..
  12. Turkez lost his daddy on a early age forcing the rest of his family to flee towards the land of the living, America. On his 15th age Turkez started selling drugs in his neighborhood and doing crime. On his 18th age he joined a Latino gang. They had to move drugs to another country called Chernarus which they never heard of. He and a couple of his friends were given the task to go and scout the area before moving the drugs. While they were in Chernarus the infection started and he and his so called brothers were stranded in a unknown country. They had to survive and make pacts with other groups while waiting for their brothers to arrive.
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