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  1. TurkRP

    Server wipe

    Old one ofc, the RP must go oN!
  2. Honestly i think Anarchy provides one of the best RP's since i've joined the server. There is this ''war'' going on where a couple groups group up together and decide to stand up for themselves to fight Anarchy. A couple times they came over to attack and a couple times they had to defend their home because of an attack. Everyone needs a enemy but noone wants to take the roll up on itsself besides Anarchy. The roleplay on the whole server is indescribable, there is actual fear. Never forget btw, can't have no herogroup without a Hostilegroup.
  3. When RPing with OP about licence´s and Anarchy OP talks disrespectfull about Anarchy, we tell him he should stop that. OP keeps on going talking disrespectfull to one of my mates and at that point i tell him that if he keeps on going ''i will beat his bitchass and kill him''. OP does not show any value for his life as he is surrounded by 6 armed man with fully automatic weapons. OP keeps on talking disrespectfull towards norway when he gets warned 2 more times that he should stop doing that, OP starts laughing towards us, after the multiple warnings I had enough of the OP's attitude and blatant disregards to the threats we had given him so I shot him.
  4. I'll post my POV later today as its almost 5 am for me and im going to bed.
  5. I don’t get the point of the whole report, all i can see is misscommunication between you and your friends/allies. I initiated multiple times to EVERYONE outside the building, does not matter where you were at the time because you had groupmembers of you who were there. I wanna point out how the OP is blatantly lying in a report, keeps on bringing points who have nothing to do with the report and keeps on replying to our pov’s which forces us to reply aswell. Multiple times i noted that youall had to put your hands up and get to the middle of the fields where i could see you all or get shot, even noted that even tho you guys thought you surrounded us we were the one who actually surrounded you. I wanna counterreport for ruleplay aswell, approved groups sends knowingly someone inside to negotiate with us, we take him hostage but we can’t set up and demands as he is not in there approved group.
  6. Might aswell only allow US MarineRP if we are gonna ban all other RP which MAY offend someone.
  7. Holding down the admin building at prison island with my buddy @DK_Major when one of them walks in and gets straight up gassed, another one tries to do the same for some reason and gets his ass kicked aswell. At this point we are pinned down in the building surrounded by 5/7 guys. They try throwing in some grenades but while doing that i gass one of them which makes him drop the grenade and die from it himself. Radio over to allies who are close/on the island about whereouts and locations. Some rp goesby about negotiations which lead to nowhere but me reinitiating again on everyone outside the admin building telling them to put their hands up and stand in the open where i can see them. They decline and get killed for it. At this point me and my buddy push out while they are distracted, Dk_Major gassed another one in the progress, we watch the last survivors run back crying to the main prison while we get some weapons and decide to call it for the day (as it was 5/6am for me). Wanna clear out some points, in no way the firefight was OVER, the firefight was still actively going on with you guys just holding the building from the outside and us from the inside. Initiations were made each time aswell as minutes before my allies gassed y'all. In one of the OP POV's there is said that one of OP's came to the island not knowing about the firefight (??) and only to log in the prison but meanwhile he regears and KNOWINGLY joins the actively going on firefight. Another subject of the firefight is NLR, while we were holding the admin building 1 of them runs up to their allies outside and tells them he got picked up by and got a ride back to the island/shore after getting injured (talking about killed i guess) and wants a weapon to gass us inside the building. Want to counter report the OP and his allies for lying in a report (Besides their ally Bob123 since he is the only one not lying in his pov and actually proves our pov's aswell) at no point the firefight was stopped, reinitiations were made all the time & NLR.
  8. You want me to initiate on a car, not on a turtle
  9. Lemme pull a log out of my backpack.
  10. Naah, if its done over voice and you don't hear it we are gonna have the same topic but then its gonna be about invalid initations.
  11. TurkRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    gimme gimmie fast travel
  12. TurkRP

    I'm Back

    This cutie, welcome back
  13. TurkRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    o7, Wong is bae, will miss you
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