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  1. Just active S2 as S1 reaches 100/100. Ghosters are easy to catch thanks to logs and our beautifull GM's.
  2. Turk, born in 1995 lost his parents in a car crash when he was 6. Being a single child and having almost to no family left he got sent to the orphanage. Once he reached the age of 18 he joined the Turkish army. Turk went on several missions on the border of Turkey and Syria where he fought terrorist groups. Towards the end of 2019 Turk got kicked out of the Army because of bad behaviour towards his own colleagues. Needing time for himself he traveled across the Black sea. Starting his ''vacation'' in Trabzon he went to Georgia for a week or two and afterwards towards Russian lands. Ending in Chernarus for some winter sports somewhere around the Black mountains. Enjoying the mountains in Chernarus Turk decided to stick around for a longer while and explore more of the country and its rich history. Once the lockdown/quarentine started Turk could not leave country anymore. He found refugee in a small village north of Severo and decided to stay there untill things were safe again. Not knowing what was to come....
  3. Turkez lost his daddy on a early age forcing the rest of his family to flee towards the land of the living, America. On his 15th age Turkez started selling drugs in his neighborhood and doing crime. On his 18th age he joined a Latino gang. They had to move drugs to another country called Chernarus which they never heard of. He and a couple of his friends were given the task to go and scout the area before moving the drugs. As the area just had a massive civil war. While they were in Chernarus the infection started and he and his so called brothers were stranded in a unknown country. They had to survive and make pacts with other groups while following the laws of the RAC while waiting for their brothers to arrive.
  4. Oleg was born in Moscow living with his parents as a single child. He was already a troublemaker at a young age, having a small criminal record at the age of 16. His dad used to own a small nightshop untill he got killed in a armed robbery by some immigrant. Oleg being left with only his mother he had to step up and be the man in house. Some time passed by and Oleg turned 17, he just started working in this factory close to their house. It wouldnt pay much so Oleg decided to do things the illegal way too. He rolled with this white supremacist guy and did some jobs together. After some time this buddy of him got Oleg in contact with this white supremacist group known as Alba 19. For a arms deal made by the Alba 19 he had to go to Chernarus and make sure everything went right, not knowing the outbreak was gonna fuck everything up..
  5. Isa was born into religious Turkish family in Istanbul, at a young age he already disliked going to the mosque every weekends as he did thought it was stupid. Being forced to go by his parents made him even hate it more. After a while he decided to delve into other religions, Christianity for example. A couple years passed he decided to convert to Christianity in secret by the local Church in Istanbul. His parents could not know about it tho, if they would it would break the family apart and he himself would get disowned. A year went by and Isa still had his secrets, turning 20 in a couple months he read about fellow Christian brothers getting murdered in the middle east. He felt outrages and decided to google up some Christian groups fighting in these region and eventually getting in contact with one through social media. One month later he took the trip to the middle east and joined up with his fellow brothers. Some news reached them about fellow brothers being persecuted in the mountains of the Caucasus'. Their plan was to travel there from Chernarus but once the invection hit they were trapped in Chernarus.
  6. Raskoln was born and raised in Volgograd, on a early age he already joined one of the local gangs. On the age of 17 he loses both his mother and father in a ambush by the rival gang, making him leave town and join not so long after the military. Serving in various countries, he moves to a private military sector in the army. Joining the Legion Corporation he becomes a hired gun, serving with his brothers they make quite the reputation. Raskoln and his brothers were contracted about their next deployment which could potentially be their hardest yet. Their next deployment was Chernarus, location yet to be determined. Raskoln was a stonehard killer who didnt have any emotions, he lost them the day his parents died. Which made him perfectly suitable for the Legion Corporation. All Raskoln has in life are his brothers which he serves with. He can't and will not trust anyone else besides them.
  7. Mikola was born in a very poor family outside a farm in Severograd.When the civil war broke out in 2009 he was too young to take arms yet. When the Chedaki started to win the war Mikola fled with his family to the mountains. Years would pass and he would lose both his parents to sickness. . Sickened by the Communist war dogs of the east he would start training day in day out to kill all of them. Mikola joined a other couple young lads and is gonna fight to take over the country and kill in the name of Chernarus.
  8. All these mods are kinda trash, especially the skin infected one.
  9. I was not present for this situation, I do not know why i got reported for it. Did not shoot or kill anyone at any point.
  10. Rolling with the boys, doing our daily stuff patrolling for dirty rulebreakers. On our way to tisy, we see Mr Aron73, Sassy walks up some talks happen which im not a part of. Me being a good Elite Spetsnaz Private Second Class of the Russian Federal Army start to clear the area. Upon hearing on the radio the man we are speaking to has been find breaking our rules, i ask for his name. Peter Jansson is answered, i rush my Russian ass over there as i've seen Mr. Peter earlier today and he got his second warning hours prior. Told this to our acting Major and suggested we send the man to The Gulag. Some roleplay happens afterwards as i go back to doing my areacontrol (alttabbed on youtube), hear on the radio Roman got sniped and his head taken off(o7). Firefight starts, the bois drop the lads sniping us. Some roleplay happens in the barn which im not part of again as im still clearing the area. After Aron73 dies, we take the truck and start heading towards the next military facility to check for rulebreakers as a horrible carcrash happens, I see all my comrade's die in front of me, over time i die of bloodloss too.
  11. New profile lets go.


    Erdogan ❤️ 

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      Kebab ❤️

  12. So being racist gets you what ? 10 20 points ?
  13. Give me props from last night plz. Yesterdays event was really great, 9/10.
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