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  1. TurkRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    gimme gimmie fast travel
  2. TurkRP

    I'm Back

    This cutie, welcome back
  3. TurkRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    o7, Wong is bae, will miss you
  4. Lorewise its a bit weird tbh, i get that there should be more ''infected'' but if the island has truly been unmanned for all this time the airfields/military bases should be filled with military weapons. Honestly i wouldnt mind keeping the infected as it is now but increasing the (higher tier) weapon spawn / ammo should really be a thing. Played atleast 4 hours last night and only got to fill a single mp5 mag. No need to increase it to a point its the same on S1, but a couple extra rifle's is really welcome.
  5. Graphics look hella awesome, and some great fucking RP from you guys at GM ! Keep on going cuties
  6. Great RP today from the bois @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] & some great fucking RP from the Cartel bois @[email protected] !! Lets keep on going cutie's
  7. TurkRP

    Nightvision = cheating

    Got a clip ? Everytime i put on a NV i get blinded by the smallest light...
  8. Raskoln was born and raised in Volgograd, on a early age he already joined one of the local gangs. On the age of 17 he loses both his mother and father in a ambush by the rival gang, making him leave town and join not so long after the military. Serving in various countries, he moves to a private military sector in the army. Joining the Legion Corporation he becomes a hired gun, serving with his brothers they make quite the reputation. Raskoln and his brothers were contracted about their next deployment which could potentially be their hardest yet. Their next deployment was Chernarus, location yet to be determined. Raskoln was a stonehard killer who didnt have any emotions, he lost them the day his parents died. Which made him perfectly suitable for the Legion Corporation. All Raskoln has in life are his brothers which he serves with. He can't and will not trust anyone else besides them.
  9. TurkRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Confirmed, namechange soon
  10. TurkRP


    Been enjoying rping with this group alot ! Definitely hope to see more of them.
  11. One of the best and definitely the funniest RP i had on DayZRP with @Nik today
  12. TurkRP


    Looking cute, hope to see more of it !
  13. @Nik @Jorrdan @JamesRP And everyone else in Cherno thanks for the great RP
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