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  1. Meh, if we can have super soldier modern guns as M4’s, M249’s and AWM’s we sure can have a decent pistol.
  2. msB

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Really enjoying this group! Awesome accents and great roleplay! Already told @Diamondthat they are doing a great job, have only been laughing my ass of. As a real muslim i find it quite funny how they can make sure the religion is so misunderstood that litterly everyone starts to hate them. Keep on going boys !
  3. msB

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Met these guys somewhere close to Moglievka, walked away missing a finger... Enjoyed the RP, definitely one of the best moments i had was with them.
  4. Met them once as a group, helped us out and proposed we started to setup our camp in Novo and that they would come around to help building and providing the stuff. Definitely great RP, keep up the great work !
  5. msB

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Congratz on the approval ! The few times i met these guys were one of the best yet scarriest times i had on DayZRP
  6. msB

    RavenousRP's Lovely Media Thread of only good RP

    I would have shitted my pants because of stefan..
  7. msB

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Double or triple the breaking walls from 15 to 30/45, should make it atleast a little bit better..
  8. msB

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    What about the lock bug after every restart btw ?
  9. msB

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    The update we needed !
  10. msB

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Mashallah! Congratz on getting approved
  11. msB

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Oeh congratz !
  12. msB

    Metagaming changes

    Meeh, i mean isnt it litterly the same if not even worse ? If someone initaites on me and im not muted on discord, all i have to say ingame is ''all right, im dropping my weapon don't shoot'' and everyone in discord will know that i'm getting robbed and that they will act on it. Makes it waaaay easier in my eyes. -1 for me.
  13. This is just straight up gold! Eid Mubarek everyone !
  14. At the age of 12 i lost my dad in a tractor crash near the main village road. We we're basic farmers trying to make something good of our lives. But since our father passed away my family suffered from a lot of things like bandits which roamed a lot around our village. Our farm got taken away from us by the village elders because we couldn't run it anymore. As the oldest son in the family alongside with 3 of my sisters and my little brother i had to start working and dropped out of school. Just for the sake of my family. My uncle owned a small shop right outside the town which was 9km away from our village. I walked 18km a day and worked 11h a day to feed my family. At the age of 18 my uncle passed away, he had no children so i inherited the shop. After a while we moved from the village to the town. A year later i left the shop for my sisters and my little brother to join the military. When i was 22 in the year of 2017 our wing got deployed close to the Syrian border. Because the Syrian civil war started to infect the nearby Turkish village's. On July 8th of that year news came to us that a a small country near the Russian border called Chernarus has been infected by zombies, me and my friends were joking about it and called them crazy. Not knowing that 2 weeks later the infected people were getting spotted in Turkey itself. Due to our mission we were not able to leave until February of 2018. I havent spoken to my family for over 6 months, so the first thing i decided to do was look for plane tickets to Malatya, not knowing the town got ran over by infected people 1 month earlier... I was stuck for a couple days near the city of Antakya, no one picked up my phone calls, i was worried and terrified. Eventually i managed to convince a taxi driver to borrow me some money so i could go to my hometown. The man was gathering his valuables and his family and flee the city of Antakya and go to Syria, who would have thought that, the Turkish citizens fleeing into Syria. Once i got close to the town i couldn't see any sign of any living man, i dropped the car i found earlier right outside the town and continued walking. On the corner of our street while scouting i noticed our broken door, in panic i ran into my home just to see my own sisters eating my youngest brother. At a sight like that, I fell on my knees crying my eyes out in the doorway. After a few seconds they had noticed me and started running towards me. I didn't know what to do so i slammed the bedroom door in their faces in panic. I tried to run away and nearly got grabbed by another few infected outside my house, when out of nowhere my neighbors came and saved me. He told me everything what happend in the weeks before. On how my family got infected and all died. All i had with me was a couple hundred bucks and my M9 pistol, i ran out of food, i had no home or family and all i wanted was to kill my self. I lived for a couple weeks with my neighbors, and all i had was time to think and grief. In July of 2018 i decided to travel to the place it all started, Chernarus. I managed to gather 3 of my army friends and we grabbed a couple rifle's. It took us 3 weeks to travel from Malatya to Chernarus, we found a small boat close to Trabzon and managed to sail across the Green sea. Our goal was to find out how it all started and to help find a cure, we were willing to kill people if needed. Just to find out our plans were deception, 2 of my closest friends died at the first week we got to the country, and my third friend died not a couple days after due to bandits. I had once again nothing but a rifle left. I don't know how but it seems like ill have to survive all by my self.
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