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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is fair, at the time it was the right decision for the staff to make. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As said in the warning the tensions were high at that time of the year, alot of OOC flaming and flamebaits were shared which caused more flaming and toxicity overall. One day I changed my name to something which I thought was funny at the time. I did not do this with the intention of flamebaiting because none of the people whose group
  2. Really enjoyed my 2 days with this group, gonna be off for a while since some reallife shit but ill be back. Slava TurkRP
  3. AridGlisteningAmericanshorthair-size_restricted.gif.8de2dbf00579f85243b7f865b3a88801.gif

    u and me 🥰

    1. Final TurkRP

      Final TurkRP


  4. Nothing about Oleg Turkev ? Weak... Nice video man, always surprise me
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    1. Elrod



  6. Keep it the way it is, the game is way too unstable to turn it off. This way cars are actually worth using instead of being avoided since 9/10 times you die 10 minutes later to a desync crash or whatever.
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    Ill take it.

  8. Just remove the PKM and 50.rnd mags for the 308. Firefights haven't been the same since 50 rounders got added.
  9. //ultimate powermove

    1. Final TurkRP

      Final TurkRP

      I can't speak on this matter but 


      //REDACTED kos'd me

  10. Thankyou for having me twice, I assume you guys are archiving. Best Loregroup of the new lore by far, if only the other 2 would be even close to what u guys did we would have a great lorewipe.
  11. @Elmo Great roleplay today bwo, nice seeing you again after a while.
  12. Hey man! Welcome! Some tips and advices are to just check around solved reports and see what u can't do and can do.
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