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  1. No RP anymore? hmmmm...

    1. Final Turk
    2. Rutkiy


      can't change it for a month now

  2. Who be playing as Anarchy ???





      Auto correct... Miss type!

  3. Pamyati led by Norway gave me some good hostileRP when I was new to the server, after that I do not think I was at the receiving end of HostileRP or i just don't remember.
  4. Actually this has to be the best one of 2020.
  5. Basically all the S-GRU mission files and this one; @AlkisLR Ly homie @Dew I fucking love you man
  6. Like the roster and the lore, and knowing the roster this group will not fail. Goodluck with the roleplay and looking forward to see you all!
  7. I would love to see this, some hidden channels only members of the approved groups would see sounds great. Gives alot of TS vibes which used to be fun. 1+
  8. o7 Cerberus Int.


    Best group that came after S-GRU 🥰

    1. AndreyQ



    2. Final Turk

      Final Turk

      Please stop cluttering my status update.


      @staff anyone plz ?

    3. ShroudKN


      Most powerful and most relevant PMC in all of the world

    4. Elmo



  9. Livonia just sitting around a campfire for 24/7, the people made it fun nevertheless but the map was utterly trash..
  10. I mean i just explained how it goes, thats what is happening ATM dont get mad at me for just pointing it out?
  11. Thats still better than playing on Chernarus, because you do it, person B does it, person C does it and so it goes on. After a while people who regularly play on Namalsk see 10+ people on Chernarus and decide to go play over there too. Thats how the community splits into two smaller playerbases for both maps and then even dies faster.
  12. Problem with that argument is that its killing the server, because of not giving Namalsk a chance and playing chernarus the server population splits up and dies even faster than it normally would.
  13. I do not see the point in having Chernarus as the main server this, especially with winter chernarus which makes the map even worse at to what it already is. Keep Namalsk up for as long as it goes, the community will get bored of it oneday and make its return to Chernarus like we had with livonia earlier this year. Hell change chernarus to a shitty map noone would play on so people have to play at namalsk.
  14. Hello the Final Turk here, After roleplaying a night at the school i totally understand the new recruits, i enjoyed the dynamic the “two” groups had at that time, felt like i was just watching 1 massive group so i see no harm in this at all. Had some good roleplay with a couple of you guys, @Scouse, @ImFrosty,@Lord Seal and pretty sure 1 more dude whose name i forgot. Keep in mind that with a huge roster like this some mistakes are doomed to happen but always keep your heads up. Looking forward to our interactions soon and the roleplay, good luck! Btw can’t wait for @AndreyQto join the roster too, he really is a great roleplay and will for sure bring the standard up alot!
  15. I like the graphics man, hit your man up with some Final Turk shit. Hop in my dms bruh
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