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  1. LightFlash

    That is so spooky!
  2. +1 Yes! That would be awesome!
  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! Hopefully see you in game!
  4. I think adding in more Infected is a great idea. I love the tense feeling it brings when going into big cities looking for supplies when at any moment you could be swarmed. So it sounds good to me! On a side note... I had the strangest Infected encounter today, I was crouching trying to avoid the number of infected on the road and this one particular Infected was running around like crazy and then stopped right in front of me and then ran off! Terrified me... xD
  5. Henry Cavill Witcher GIF by NETFLIX Trying to survive in this world.

  6. Despite always being a loner in her life her family was everything. The three musketeers they called themselves and their support helped Elena through many struggles in her life. Studying Science at University Elena was top of the class and excelling with her grades, however socially she kept herself to herself and didn't have any friends. Elena was however into track and running. Running at least 3 miles a day with her fathers help created an unbreakable bond. Her goal to go to the Olympics and achieve Gold, however unfortunately these dreams are now over. To celebrate Elena doing well in track and her grades she was taken on holiday... this proved to be costly in so many ways. (( Work In Progress!! ))
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