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  1. I don't post much on the forums because mainly I never know what to say. But SPERO truly IC and OOC has been one of the best RP and family orientated groups I have ever been apart of since I started Roleplaying however many years ago across any game. Whilst being new and uncertain on how DayZRP would go SPERO took me in and really made the effort to get me involved and make me feel like apart of the family. I've had many wonderful RP experiences with you all and I hope I can again in the future. I really love this group. One of the best - No THEE best!
  2. LightFlash


    It was awesome bumping into you yesterday and travelling together! I hope to see you in-game more!
  3. OMGAWWWDD! I want a Dog! I literally posted a status about this a little while ago. I am excited!
  4. Sick Season 4 GIF by FriendsWhy is my character always sick?! 😧

    1. KonoSimp


      Alexa has a non-existent immune system

    2. LightFlash


      @KonoSimp I know right... Every time I got outside a building.. Sad times.

  5. "I will not hesitate to kill or leave anybody behind... I must survive at all costs. I refuse to die in this world." Early Life: Growing up Jess excelled at most things she put her mind too. In her early school years she was the star in most of the sports she played and her competitive streak was always to win at all costs. Jess was popular and had many friends, however due to her vindictive and 'lone wolf' mindset she often pushed them away if they ever in her eyes got to close on an emotional level. Upon leaving school there was no career path that called out to her, other than the
  6. GIF by Disney+ I want a dog companion! 😧

  7. attack zombies GIF by South Park  I fire one bullet and...

    1. Stagsview



  8. pan raining GIFEvery day in Chernarus..

  9. mad max lol GIF by Vidme

    1. AndreyQ


      Yes, spiders are bad. Right @Realize @Pepsi?

    2. LightFlash


      I couldn't run fast enough. 😧

    3. Pepsi


      Screw spiders. 

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