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  1. Yeah I can't get on now. Nothing I seem to do works so I guess I'll leave it a while and see what happens if it sorts itself out.
  2. Alevar94

    Metagaming rule trial

    Okie dokie
  3. Occupation before the outbreak: Firefighter Jacob lived a good and happy life. He was that kind of happy go lucky kind of fella who definitely saw the glass half full in the way he looked at life. Always making the jokes and always helping people when they needed it, whether big or small favours. He once gave his best friend £2000 to pay off a debt and ever thought anything of it, it did however cause an argument between him and Alexa, but they got over it. Recently married before the outbreak to his new wife Alexa he thought nothing could go wrong for him, they were both earning good money and were thinking about expanding on their family with their first child.... If only they got the chance and the outbreak never happened. At work when the outbreak mostly started and getting calls left right and centre he wanted to get home to see if Alexa was alright but time kept passing by. Eventually he got back to their house and found she was not their, he spent his fair amount of time grieving thinking he lost her until he found a small group, only of about four people. They got into conversation and they explained that they remember seeing a woman, small and blonde, fitting the exact description of his wife heading towards Chernarus. So that's exactly where he was going to go, making any and every desperate attempt to find his wife. It's all that keeps him going.
  4. Hello! My name's Josh, I'm 25 years old and i'm currently awaiting my start date for the Police force. So currently I have a lot of spare time as I only work part time. I love Roleplay as I've always loved playing a character and being someone different. I've been Roleplaying for about 10 years. Moving between World of Warcraft, Star Wars and Elder Scrolls Online. Also playing my own Roleplay with my friends during our days on The Division or even games like Dying Light co op! I'm kind of obsessed with the whole Zombie Apocalypse scenario so to join a group of people who RP in this universe that I could join is really exciting! I led a RP guild of Warcraft for 4 years horde side which was really fun but I've never seen a RP community that was based on a Zombie Apocalypse so I think that's really cool. It's something different and something i'd be really keen and interested to join in on! I'm definitely a guy who likes to learn and is up for seeing new ways to do things and because this would be something completely different in terms of the scenario of RP as all of my experience comes from fantasy base games.
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