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  1. Thank you for having me in this group! I haven't had this much fun RPing in any game in years! I am truly excited to see what happens in the future!
  2. Alexa was doing well for herself in San Diego, she had a good job, earned good money, had plenty of friends. But something was missing, her family. Born and raised in San Diego she loved it here but it could never fill the void of her family. Her parents and two brothers moving to Chernarus years ago for a 'quieter' life Alexa decided to stay, progress her career and future in San Diego. But as time went on it got lonely. Friends moved on, her career while paying well hit it's wall. It was time to move on, join her family. Alexa took the deepest of breaths before jumping on that plane to get to Chernarus, she was leaving behind friends, a great job, a comfortable home. But she would be with her family. Something she had been missing for years now. Alexa was now comfortable, living that simple life with her family... Life seemed good. She was happy... But that's when it all changed.
  3. Hello all, I have set everything up and followed the guides to a T. I have the mod orders in the right order but when I load the game and type in 'DayZRP.com' in the community server list It is not there. I have tried clicking the link for the server from this sight but still nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thank you -- I have tried the trick for the parameters but it keeps saying that my connection to the host is lost? My internet is fine and I have played this before a while ago ?
  4. Yeah I can't get on now. Nothing I seem to do works so I guess I'll leave it a while and see what happens if it sorts itself out.
  5. Hello! Nice to meet yall. I love Roleplay as I've always loved playing a character and being someone different. I've been Roleplaying for about 10 years. Moving between World of Warcraft, Star Wars and Elder Scrolls Online. Also playing my own Roleplay with my friends during our days on The Division or even games like Dying Light co op! I'm kind of obsessed with the whole Zombie Apocalypse scenario so to join a group of people who RP in this universe that I could join is really exciting! I led a RP guild of Warcraft for 4 years horde side which was really fun but I've never seen a RP community that was based on a Zombie Apocalypse so I think that's really cool. It's something different and something i'd be really keen and interested to join in on! I'm definitely a guy who likes to learn and is up for seeing new ways to do things and because this would be something completely different in terms of the scenario of RP as all of my experience comes from fantasy base games.
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