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  1. haloghost1299

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    You mean the donations that mostly cover the cost of the servers that you are playing on? Well put.
  2. haloghost1299

    Another Standalone server?

    If in the development of SA, they put in admin "privileges" (able to spawn cloths and food supplies). Could donations ,as in money, be used to get those supplies and cover the cost of the second server? (keep in mind i'm just guessing on the game's development)
  3. haloghost1299

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    I'm a little worried about some people getting a little worked up over donations that don't mean anything in standalone. [attachment=1439]
  4. Gonna have some sort of illegal betting at the back of the base. [attachment=1432]
  5. haloghost1299

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    I have had some fun on DayZ RP. Though I can not say I have been through as much as most people have, I can say that what I experienced was marvelous. P.S. bet $10 that there will be another SVR group on standalone. [attachment=1430]
  6. Craig Coalshvire - Impaled while running with a fishing pole.
  7. haloghost1299

    [BP] Beati Paoli [Recruiting EU]

    Cant wait to get this show on the road!
  8. haloghost1299

    Black Note Book

    wait joe, at the beggining you said all my friends are dead. im not dead. i was apart of your group but you don't see me as a friend?
  9. I was there that day when we set up on the northern border of Chernarus. I was the second sniper team so i was farther back but i saw it all through my scope. It was a good at the start, but it tuned to the worst when some came from the behind the line. when I saw them I killed 2 but some got into the mg nest and tore up the crew. Then, they went for the rest and I killed them, bad decision. My shot startled a few soldiers causing them to turn and they were over taken from the zeds they were fighting. While the rest of the line was being dismantled, I was growing in fear and was thinking of running. I looked for the other sniper team to find the lead sniper with her guts being ripped out by her spotter. That did it for me. When I turned I saw my spotter get his throat ripped out. I'm not proud of it, but i ran. I ran far and i ran fast. I will never forget that day.. Now I have a difinitive back story. Thank you.
  10. Name: Fredrich Chera Age: 28 Height: 6'2" weight: 200 lbs Hair: black Eyes: unknown(due to he never takes off shades) Pre-outbreak Profession: CPD (Chernarus Police department), Russian sniper. Demeanor in Three Words: Wanderer, sketchy, calm.
  11. Now that the TWS is disbanded, if your looking for a sniper/merc, than im your guy/russian.
  12. haloghost1299

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    All I have to say is GG bandits, because reacher is comen for ya.