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  1. As the passenger in the car on that first clip I have to say the NASA space program is not for me. I agree with @TheMaxRP I think 80 would be perfect as he said he made a ton of trips back and forth from devil's castle to Cherno one trip I was with him. Sure if your very very careful you can make it in a car right now but it's still very difficult. Also the lag on the server has been quite a bit more noticeable with just running or shooting or whatever it may be your doing. It has been nice not having a massive queue though I will say that. All in all I think it should be lowered a little bit to see what happens.
  2. @Mademoiselle i do not he walked up grabbed some water then tried to leave and Grey told him to stop and put his hands up but the guy didn't listen and tried shooting so Grey shot him
  3. Me and Bodie went to Severograd to loot and wait for for everyone to get back to the castle. While we were leaving we stopped to get some water and thats when we met @GreyRP and @coke Grey was acting hostile with his weapon out so Bodie gave him 30 seconds to put his weapon away or we would handle it. After a few seconds Grey put his weapon away and so did we. I remember hearing Coke say fuck the ton ton macoute at one point we all then continued to eat our food which i ate to much, and began to throw up. As i was throwing up and looking down i heard gun shots and looked up to see Grey had shot Coke and killed him he then took me and Bodie hostage. If you need anything else from me let me know.
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