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  1. Augustus unfortunately doesn't remember much from his childhood due to being constantly thrown around different foster homes. The constant beatings and drugs he was forced to consume as a minor would ruin his memory. To be quite honest he didn't even know if his name was actually Augustus or if the foster system had given him this name. Once he turned 16 Augustus decided to run away from his current foster parents who beat and raped him daily. He was on a mission to find his birth parents not only to confront them as to why they left him but to possibly even kill them for everything they caused him to endure. Being in Alaska there wasn't to many places he could easily access without help from others and not wanting to risk being found he began to steal vehicles and anything he needed to survive. After 2 years of travel and questioning people he came up empty with no leads or even a sliver of hope as to finding his birth parents. Augustus was on the road to suicide upon the evening he was to end his life a strange man appeared entering the tavern Augustus was inside of. The strange man sat down next to Aug and said "I know who you are and what you want if u want the answers you seek come with me". The mountain of a man stood up and walked out the same door he had entered Augustus slowly rose from his seat and followed the strange man. Outside the cold wind pierced Augustus torn up coat with furry he shivered looking for where this man had gone. Footsteps could be heard approaching Augustus and within a split second everything went black. Augustus woke up with a horrendous headache and a loud engine sound that he could not decipher. At first glace he could not tell where he was but once fully conscious it hit him.. he was on a airplane! The massive mountain of a man was no where to be found and Augustus began to panic not remembering very much of what happened. He would lay his head back down to instantly fall back asleep only to awake to a massive jolt which he assumed was the plane landing. Waiting on a few minutes the strange man appeared from a small passage way in the plane where he was lying "Get up!" yelled the massive man. Augustus rose from his uncomfortable seat dizzy and nauseous "where are we?" The man then said "the last place I saw your dad". Augustus focus immediately sharpened to a razors edge and he followed the man down some steps to the outside of the plane. The mountain man spoke "this is Chernarus the last place your father told me he was coming before i lost contact with him. Augustus was confused why here.. who was his father? He began to ask these questions that filled his head only to be stopped by the sound of gunshots and explosions. "Hey boy" the giant says to Aug "there is a war going on here so watch your back". Augustus take a deep breath and the rush to a nearby bunker to take cover. That was years ago and now Augustus is on his own as the infection spreads while he continues to search for answers as to who his parents are, where they are, and if they are even still alive.
  2. As the passenger in the car on that first clip I have to say the NASA space program is not for me. I agree with @TheMaxRP I think 80 would be perfect as he said he made a ton of trips back and forth from devil's castle to Cherno one trip I was with him. Sure if your very very careful you can make it in a car right now but it's still very difficult. Also the lag on the server has been quite a bit more noticeable with just running or shooting or whatever it may be your doing. It has been nice not having a massive queue though I will say that. All in all I think it should be lowered a little bit to see what happens.
  3. @Mademoiselle i do not he walked up grabbed some water then tried to leave and Grey told him to stop and put his hands up but the guy didn't listen and tried shooting so Grey shot him
  4. Me and Bodie went to Severograd to loot and wait for for everyone to get back to the castle. While we were leaving we stopped to get some water and thats when we met @GreyRP and @coke Grey was acting hostile with his weapon out so Bodie gave him 30 seconds to put his weapon away or we would handle it. After a few seconds Grey put his weapon away and so did we. I remember hearing Coke say fuck the ton ton macoute at one point we all then continued to eat our food which i ate to much, and began to throw up. As i was throwing up and looking down i heard gun shots and looked up to see Grey had shot Coke and killed him he then took me and Bodie hostage. If you need anything else from me let me know.
  5. My characters name is Shane Wilder he is a 21 year old from the United States living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was born into a broken home of drug addicts and alcoholics in 1996 Shane being the youngest of 3 boys. Growing up for Shane was very rough often times he would go without food or water for days, because his parents, and two older brothers James and Nick used every penny to buy drugs and alcohol. However surrounded by all that bad Shane wanted to better himself and do great things in his life so he made it a habit never to miss school. When he reached high school Shane was top of his class and a straight A student with no one being the wiser of his home life. He quickly became the academic forefront of the school with others no where in sight. Upon senior year of high school 3 months before graduation disaster struck Shane's life that would forever turn his life upside down. One afternoon Shane was walking home from school rounding the corner to see several black vehicles parked in front of his house. At first he was a little unease by this but quickly thought his brothers must of had friends over. He slowly walked up to the front door of the house when shouting erupted. Shane rushed inside the house to find 4 men holding his family hostage with automatic rifles. The men quickly turned the guns towards Shane and ordered him to sit down and quickly asked him who he was. Shane's then nervously told them his name also adding that he is the son and brother. The intimidating men then turned back to the parents and brothers going on about the money they were owed. Shane was in shock barely understanding what was going on until he heard we want our money or you are all dead. His brother James started saying they didn't have it and began to cry uncontrollably. In a split second Shane then realized they were drug dealers coming to collect on a debt that was owed. Not having much time to think as guns were being pointed at his families heads Shane being the savior he had yearned to be shouted "let me work off their debt please!" A few seconds later what seemed to be the head of the group looked and him making several facial expressions finally saying "I do need a new runner". Shane sat there wondering what he had just said not knowing what was going to happen. After what seemed to be hours the head of the group finally decided to use Shane for a drug runner until he felt the debt was paid. That was February of 2014 now three years later Shane has been a drug runner working to keep his family safe from harms way. It was a hot day in June of 2017 as Shane made his way to the cartels headquarters as he called it to find out what his next run would be. He sat waiting patiently for Victor which was pretty much his boss not long after Victor arrived with his next task. Shane was shocked as Victor told him he would be going with a few other men to a place he had never heard of called Chernarus. They were to pick up some new drugs that had been developed of which had not been named yet. Shane felt his stomach doing flips as he had never even been sent out of state for a run. A couple days later they were off to Chernarus to pickup these new drugs. It took them a couple days by plane having to stop at several different airports to arrive at a near by town not far from Chernarus. Shane and the men he was with were greeted by men in what looked like jeeps of some kind and they were loaded up and rushed to their destination. They were briefly warned by the men to stay out of sight as there were very hostile people in the area. They arrived and some kind of barn that looked like it was ready to fall down and were instructed to stay here the next few days until the shipment arrived for them to retrieve. About a week had passed and and it was now July Shane and the men were growing weary of how long this was taking not having heard a word about anything. Finally after almost 2 weeks they decided to go explore around and find out what was going on. As Shane followed the men he was with he noticed the silence and how weird that was. None of the men knew exactly what country they were in or exactly what they would find outside of the barn. Then after about a hour Shane finally saw a sign of life it looked to be a woman limping through the street as they approached she turned and screamed at them running towards them. The other men in front of Shane grabbed the woman noticing how horrid she looked not soon after she bit one of them ripping his skin to shreds. All of sudden more of these injured rabid looking people came running towards them screaming and acting like animals. Shane after seeing one of the men get bit decided to run for his life not wanting to die. A few days later Shane had been hiding house to house scavenging for food still not knowing what was going on. On this day Shane came across a note at a house saying there had been some sort of virus that had spread across the area and was causing people to go insane and attack others. The note appeared to be written to a family member of the people who lived in the house after exploring the house he found out the people who lived here were Americans. At the point Shane knew he needed to do anything he could possibly do to survive and get the hell out of there. Shane started off to gear up and to find any normal human being and to hopefully acquire more info on the events that were taking place. All he ultimately wanted to do was make it back to his family and live to see another day.
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