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  1. Will we be teleported to the even start location if we're on the server?
  2. *Charles stands up and places one hand on his long stingy beard, stroking it slowly* William, come listen to this. *William strides over* funny there are still people out there trying to communicate, heh. Oh well, I guess we should go try and find him *pick's himself off the couch and grabs car keys*
  3. -Applying to race- First member IGN: Charles Ritz Second member IGN: William Ritz Really looking forward to it Is it first come first surve?
  4. Can I participate or is it allready full? Name: Pavel 'Cake' Askinov Clan: Do not have one Role: Biker
  5. Okay, I'll give it a try after I get home from school, Thanks!
  6. Oh sorry I didn't respond faster, I did it and I'm no longer kicked for the DayZ Code one but I'm still kicked like once every couple hours. It only seems to happen when cars are nearby though. It's strange. Thanks for helping though!
  7. Hello Comrade! Welcome to DayZRp we're all friendly here
  8. I just had an awesome role-play experience ruined because I was kicked and my character rolled back about 30 mins to a long way away. Real shame and just wondering why it is happening?
  9. Ahh yes zip ties! I forgot about that, I just though that the jet ski's would be good because they make the sea more accessible and they go very fast, but I do understand what your saying about RP, maybe just up the speed of some of the boats.
  10. Hello guys, I've been thinking of some things I'd like to see in DayZRP and I thought I'd just jot some down here and try to find some pictures. Enjoy! Tasers! Everyone loves tasers. They were a popular tool in overwatch and I think could be very useful for DayZRP when you can hold someone up and taze them. It would be nice for people to be able to engage people without killing them or standing right next to them with chloroform. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18624 The Ride on side function in cars. I think i've seen this suggested before but no notice given to it. It's such an awesome mod though! It allows you to sit in the side of cars like trucks/ heli's and shoot out. This would be awesome for clan wars and for car chases ext. I'm pretty sure it's an open source mod because my old server had it too. Sorry couldn't find Image. One last thing I though off, don't know if DayZRP all ready has it but Jet ski's and faster boats. Sea travel seems to be knocked off in DayZ but there is so much coast to sail on and It would make for some fun role-play. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?112284-Free-DLC-Lingor-Units-for-Arma-2-OA (Not sure if you can take only the boats out of that DLC, I hope so though) Well that's all from me, my spanish teacher keeps on giving me suspicious looks. Thanks for reading this and post what you think about it below Thanks - Joe
  11. Name: Pavel 'Mech' Akyonov Weight Category : Heavy Weight Weight : 280 Lbs Height : 5' 11"
  12. I'm up for it, One thing though. The 20th is today (thursday) so are we getting on today to arrange or tommrow?
  13. I think the I44 mod had a lot of old school guns that would be more likely to be in possession of civ's.
  14. I think there should be more civilian guns around and less high grade military guns like DayZ standalone. What do you think?