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  1. MapleLazor

    Soup Kitchen Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    After hearing the of the location of the rumored soup kitchen Andy would lay back and sleep for the night. Leaving the next day to find this small house. Upon finding the small reinforced farm house and finding it to be vacant of living people Andy would grab his radio and hold down the PTT "Hello again, it seems I have just missed you, there is no one here but a campfire is still burning. Could you let me know when someone will be returning?" Andy would release the PTT and rest for awhile after his long walk
  2. MapleLazor

    Soup Kitchen Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    Scanning through frequencies late at night, eventually tuning in just in time to listen in. Holding down the PTT “Hello! I heard rumors of a soup kitchen near Zelenogorsk. Not sure if I missed it but I am interested in stopping by. Where are you located?” Releasing the PTT and awaiting news of the rumored soup kitchen
  3. 23 Year old Andrew lived comfortably off his parents paychecks, hardly working for his own income. Growing up his parents spoiled him and he never understood the value of things. He played sports and used a hockey scholarship to get into college. He didn't do well in school and after 2 years he was kicked out for poor sportsmanship and failing majority of his classes. His family had decided they needed a vacation, get away from the stress of his fathers work and Andy's grim situation. A cruise vacation through the black sea and green sea was a wonderful opportunity for his parents to keep Andy and his sister Issy off their phones so they kept them locked in the parents room for the duration of the time they were away from home. What they didn't know was the terrible things happening in the world around them, and that ignoring social medias would be their demise. As the ship sank his parents were trapped in the lower dining area and drowned. Andrew searched for his sister, who was nowhere to be found. Shortly after he managed to escape the sinking coffin leaving all of his belongings behind and jumping over the handrail. As he swam around looking for a life boat he was struck by some falling debris and knocked unconscious. When he woke he was on the beach alone, wet and cold with only some empty life boats around.
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