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  1. Heyyyy!!

    hahahaha yayy!! Someone remember me at least :3
  2. Heyyyy!!

    Heyyy Guyss! Am back! I was busy in real life plus my laptop was too weak to handle DayZ...But not this TIME! I bought MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro!! Its a beast and I be killing zombies as soon as I can >

    Welcome My Dear Friend! and good luck with your application ^^
  4. Gday All

    Hei man! Welcome to DayZRP! And good luck with your application
  5. Guide me please?

    Hey man! Thanks! My time zone is GMT + 8 I am lousy in timezones lol, but hope we can meet up sometime! Maybe about in 22 hours from now lmao, my internet is slow atm. Taking me ages to load this page ~_~
  6. Server password?

    OR just send out the password to those who has pass the whitelist application, works well too I think. Maybe have two types of application, one for normal Mod, other one is for the SA only.
  7. Guide me please?

    That's considered Combat log. For a starters, i suggest you read our rules Like I said, it was in a different server It was while I was waiting for my whitelist application
  8. Guide me please?

    Thanks! But why you said no one can help me in game unless i am on other server ? Because we're supposed to be RP'ing. So it would be very difficult to teach you how to play without breaking roleplay, nearly impossible in fact. That sadly make sense, pretty sure If I go up to someone in other server and go like "Hei!" Bang! dead. Guess tutorial it is!
  9. Guide me please?

    yep, I have none I once cut a tree and make a fire before in different server, thats about the only action I did hahaha. And certain field? Yes, how to survive and not to be killed I tried to enter a house and it turns out 'not enterable' and when I try to get out of the area, I get chased by a zombie, then i start to run ( I was crouching before since it lessen the agro ) and then by time i knew it, a whole party of zombies chasing after me ~_~ ran to the shore and logged out Thanks! But why you said no one can help me in game unless i am on other server ?
  10. Guide me please?

    Thanks! Its better than nothing
  11. Guide me please?

    Is there anyone out there who is free or bored at the moment is wiling to guide/teach me on how to survive in DayZ and maybe give me a few tips in game? Hope I post this in the right place Edit: am on Epoch server btw

    Hair Pee Bird Day!!!
  13. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Originally was playing through my bro's pc due to the fact its more powerful, but it is giving problem now so be shifting to my laptop temporarily until his computer is fixed, so GUID reset plsss Edit: I reinstall it on my pc, and it seems the GUID is the same, yay! //Gina: If you are using your own Steam account in both computers, you don't need GUID reset.
  14. New to the server? Check this!

    That cleared up question number 2, thanks! But still kinda 'fuzzy' on the first one..So you can only shoot car which are off the road..? If the car is on a Road you need a roadblock that covers 75% of the road in order to initiate on it or Rob it. If the vehicle is off road you do not need a roadblock to initiate on it or Rob it. But be careful in off road initiations as you want to make sure the vehicle has understood you, the best way to do this is through text or be close to the car and scream! Hope this helps. Thanks for clearing it up!