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  1. *You've been flicking through frequencies for at least 20 minutes, and are starting to lose hope. You decide to give it one last shot. Flicking through frequencies, you hear a distorted voice* "Kenny?... Where the fuck are you?" *You hear the sound of a wave of water hitting the land* "It's been 2 hours... You've only been asked to get water, and that's a 40 minute job! I knew you we're useless, but fuck sake.." *The man over the radio lets out a deep *sigh* and chuckles* "If you're not back soon, we're fucked, and you know why. The weather ain't looking too good either, so the boat ride back won't be good" *a small silence ensues, then suddenly picks back up* "Just hurry up and get back, you've took our only row boat and I ain't swimming over to help ya, and by god, if you've fucked off and done me over, I'll tear your intestines out from either end and use you as a skipping rope" *The man slams down the radio and the transmission abruptly ends*
  2. *You're walking through an abandoned town and spot a pub in the distance, you decide to enter in search for a drink that may have been left behind. As you walk in, you spot a newspaper that has been placed on the table* It reads: "Chernaruus Today" (Heading) "Prison Island Taken Over!" (Sub-Heading) "Clarence Page, a convicted rapist, murderer and cannibal, orchestrated a prison riot on the 17th of July which successfully overthrew the few remaining prison guards after a handful were sent to aid with the infection fight. Clarence sent a prison guard, whom returned with 1 leg after having the other one "surgically removed", across the sea to the mainland with a letter that wrote: "Our Home. Don't come back." The Cheif of Police, Pavel Joza, Said "Once the infection has been dealt with, we shall go back to the island and put them where they belong. Hopefully by time we get there, they will already have died of starvation or thirst. Officers will be placed on the coast ready and waiting for them to row over, so the citizens will not have to worry about them escaping" *the page behind reads:* "The Efforts of the military are providing effective against the infected. Scientists are currently working on a cure that will eradicate this plague and return this country to it's previous state." (I just made this to introduce my character to the forum, so it's nothing random )
  3. Alright lads (and ladies), used to RP back in the mod days with you lot, looking forward to roleplaying again. Hope to see you in game sometime.
  4. Clarence the Mad-Man is a prisoner on the Prison Island. Locked up for Rape, Murder and Cannibalism, he slyly escaped the death penalty becuase of a mess up in court which led to him being put in a maximum security prison just off the coast of Kamenka. Armed guards watch him day in-day out. He must wear the prison outfit at all times, as well as be restrained and have a facemask to stop him biting and spitting at the guards. On the outside, the guards do not fear him, but not one of them would like to be in the same room as him with him being unrestrained. Clarence knows he owns the prison due to his infamy, but plays dumb to everyone else. He has eyes and ears everywhere, even places he is not...
  5. Leon Jackson was born in 1996. Him and his family lived out in the open. They would steal supplies from hikers who came too close to their hideout. They lived out in the wilderness, and killed animals for food and clothes. His family hated the normal traditions of life; paying taxes, getting a job etc as they wanted to have their own unique life, and live without the worry of money or possessions. His family had been living like this for generations, and always stay on the move so that they wouldn't get caught by civilised folks. They hated anybody who thought they had power over others due to their lifestyle, and felt sadness and anger for those suffering under the boots of power.
  6. Make sure you have the anti-cheat compatibility mode checked, a lot of people forget about this.
  7. Clammy


    [video=youtube] This might help
  8. Going for CH our kid? Nope, just saying sup
  9. So.. you ghosted? My POV: We are in Stary roleplaying, and we come across Bobby Sigfrid. We begin talking to him, and he begins to be very rude to us. He runs away, so we decide to follow him. We get to the road where he is standing, and begin to ask him why he was being so rude. Reedy then says "Why have you got that shovel, digging your own grave?" - which Bobby then replies "Nope, I'm going to be digging a hole for you three" Bobby then begins to mock the clothing my character is wearing. I give him 1 chance to apologise, but he says "You can take that 1 chance and shove it up your arse" 20 seconds goes by and he says "If you're going to do something, get it over with" (seems pretty baited to me) another man walks towards us (we previously RP'd with the new guy in Stary) Reedy says "Lets do this the old way" offering a fist fight, to which the man replies (when the 4th man walks up) "Looks like it's a grave for 4 now!" The new guy says to us "You guys need to teach him a lesson" dropping a nailed baseball bat on the floor. (I start to think that the man who drops us the baseball bat is actually the guys friend, if so, still bait) Then the man with the baseball bat said that he's not a part of the situation (even if the man threatened his life and gave us the baseball bat to whack him) and proceeds to put up his hands. I asked Bobby to come with me, and he said "Fuck you, I'm not going with you. Think I'm some sort of idiot? Fuck that!" - and decides to walk off. I tell him to stop (I have not initiated at this point) I ask the guy who gave us the baseball bat why he had his hands up if he said he wasn't part of the situation - he said "I don't want to be shot in the crossfire" - to me, this is a clear sight that he is with the guy who we have a problem with, and there are others in the treeline waiting for us to initiate. Bobby then said "If you're really keen on doing something, why don't you grow the balls to do it right here instead of looking around for imaginary friends?" (to me, that's another baited situation) - I look around for the friends he has, finding nothing in the woods. My thoughts are "Why is he being the big man to 3 guys with guns if he hasn't got any" I tell the guy with the baseball bat that Bobby threatened his life, and if he would do anything about it. He walks up to him and then walks away, heading to Kab hill. Bobby tries to leave, and I said "Where are you going? I didn't say we were done here" - he then proceeds to walk away, so I say "Ok, you keep walking and you die, if we get shot at, you also die" - Bobby then puts up his hands and we tell him to put them down and act natural. We then start taking shots from the man who gave us the baseball bat, so I kill the hostage and begin to fall back and prepare for a wide flank on those shooting at us, where I kill another.
  10. I would just like to inform you that Echo is not a part of Akrasia. As well, it is policy that any staff member affiliated with any involved group not participate in the discussion or writing of that verdict. I hope this helps set your mind at ease in our professionalism here as well as how we handle things when staff members are involved in reports. Right, I just saw the logo of the AK group underneath her name, possibly a forum bug or something? Is there any video evidence that can be posted?
  11. I'd personally prefer it if another staff member who isn't part of the group who reported me would deal with this report due to Echo being part of the same group.
  12. I enjoyed the RP a lot too, thanks for it! <3
  13. I think my good friend Sparky may be referring to the group, known as the "Somalian Death Squad" created on another roleplaying community as can be seen here. top squad m9