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  1. Keeeru POV: Me, Milk2go, and Juice Hand were running towards Gieraltow in hopes of finding some people around to interact with, when the OP comes jogging over the hills with his Soup Kitchen armband on. We then decide to hold him up and ask him some questions about what he knows about Soup Kitchen and who he was. We held him up and asked him to drop his stuff and radio. We then decide to take him over to the nearest house so that we could have cover and not be in the wide open fields of Livonia. My character is a Spotter of sorts, so while my friends asked him questions inside said house, I patrolled near the house and basically stood guard the entire time, making sure the OP did not have friends on the way. I did not take anything as my character was in no need of anything more than what he already had. We told him after the questions to tell Soup Kitchen about what had just happened and who he had just talked to, then told him he needed to count to two minutes before he could leave the house. We then left back on the road towards Gieraltow. Sorry for responding late, I was sleeping lol
  2. Benny was born into a family in Allen, Texas, that owned and ran "Harrison's Meats". Little did the local populous know, the secret to their delicious meats, were that they hunted and used male and female meats. Benny didn't know any better, since killing and using normal people for meat was the norm. Since he was also fed human meat consistently, his mental state had become tainted. He believed that killing and eating humans was best, and he did just that. He became the best human hunter in his entire bloodline's history. Eventually, his family had been caught and multitudes of police were sent in to take his family out. Benny was able to escape the house thanks to his parents filling him in. They sacrificed themselves in order to save him. They told Benny, "Go to Chernarus, and follow in the Meat King's footsteps. He's there, leading a group of people just like us. We love you son." Benny then set out to find The Meat King and his crew, and eventually did. Similar minds think alike. THIS CHARACTER IS KOSABLE AT ALL TIMES
  3. Keeeru

    S1 - NLR

    My POV: We were riding in a truck on the way to Novo to raid a compound, when the truck glitches and we hit the tiniest pole at 2 mph and all die. Because of the nature of said deaths, most of us were pretty salty and wanted to try and recover our gear so we could continue on with what we were about to do in game. I kept respawning until i got the right character model for my character, and I got lucky since I spawned in Krasnostav, which is very close to Gvodzino. I run back to the scene, and some of my friends had already gotten there, one of them had the OP held up, while the others had already regeared. I then grabbed what i could scavenge of my loot, and we let the OP go, telling her we were sorry for the situation, and left her with a TON of loot, food, guns, drinks, backpacks, etc. This was definitely a broken NLR situation as @Worldclass has already stated after the situation was over, and we all thought the same as him. I accept whatever punishment comes our way, and this won't happen again as it was not intentional rule break.
  4. Is it possible to get logs for the firefights at the lighthouse? It would help resolve a ton of confusion about a ton of different things. I spoke to one of the people at the lighthouse. its not relevant to this report, logs don't need to be pulled. sorry for the confusion guys
  5. The footage I have is a 5 minute clip that I got using nvidia shadow play, and the fire that me and @Liwanu received is not on that clip. Ill post it regardless later when I get home from work, but I think it would be better to pull up hit logs on @Liwanu since he got hit a couple times. Also in that 5 min clip, me killing @Dodge was in the first minute of it, and the next 4 minutes were me and my friend running to bor just talking so I'm not sure if its gonna be that useful. And to clarify, the fire we received was probably more like 5 minutes or so instead of "about a minute ago", which was a rough estimate.
  6. My POV: Me and my partner @Liwanu had just flanked behind the lighthouse to kill 4 players that were part of the massive gunfight we were apart of between Corporation and WolfPack/Vandals?(not sure about vandals theres a ton of things that need explaining still), and we were looking for the last guy we had seen on the coast/hill. @Liwanuhad just gotten shot multiple times by an enemy we didnt see in that area, so we were guns ready looking for him. As we were about to rendezvous with some of the other corp members in Bor, I saw you come out of the woods and immediately assumed you were the guy who shot at us. I had an m4a1 with a red dot sight, which for some reason i could barely see out of because of the sight being super bright? I proceeded to fire at you as I was confident in the fact you were the one who shot at me and my friend about a minute ago. In my pov, i could not see you put your hands up until i had just about killed you, and i could not hear your voice as i think you were too far away. When i searched your body afterwards, i saw you had an orange armband in your inventory, which made me assume you were the one we were looking for since a guy i killed earlier at the lighthouse also had an orange armband and on the prison island my teamates killed people with orange armbands as well. But beyond my pov, looking at your footage you put hands up and said dont shoot, which i now see was my mistake and am sorry for killing you. If you'd like to talk about it more, i can get in a discord call with you tomorrow after 6pm pst, since i will be at work until then.
  7. The people who live on the island have to swim back and forth as well. They don't just sit on the island twiddling their thumbs. RP is also very good over there. I actually like the bridge mod for the island just because I think it looks cool but I don't think it needs to get nuked or anything.
  8. In my opinion the map has been given a chance and majority of players agree from my experience that the map is not good, or at least not as good as chernarus is.
  9. I'll happily take less waiting time over tiny server stability issues. Life would be good if we could get more players in servers and have good stability but oh well. Maybe make s2 chernarus again?
  10. "Nalim Re-Deploying with Wave 3 Sir."
  11. Jordan Langford was a troubled boy growing up out of Alaska. His dad was white and his mom was black, and racial tensions only plagued Jordan out of the house. By the time he finished High School, he knew what it was that he wanted to do, become a Marine. He attended boot camp down south, in California and made it through, powered by the motto that held true his entire life, "There will always be a better day, and a better future". He arrived at Camp Dwyer Marine Base in Hemland River Valley, Afghanistan. During the next 2 years, he became a hardened soldier, just like he wanted to become. His kill count was 307, and he felt no remorse for the people he fought against. He became almost, numbed, to the feeling of a kill and seeing the un-imaginable things that came out of battles he fought in. Eventually, he climbed the ranks and became the Squad Leader for Alpha Unit 7, and he then decided to go by the name, Operator Nalim. During the next few months, him and his squad seemed almost untouchable by any enemy, plowing through the opposing ranks by the many. While clearing one of the enemy base locations however, one wrong step blew himself away into the distance, as he had triggered a land mine. He miraculously survived, but not by much. His left leg and left arm had been blown off, and the only thing keeping him alive was the motto he could and would never forget. After this incident, Jordan had been sent out to Chernarus for professional medical attention from Potius Cras Doctor, Doctor Kaiser. There he had been worked on for months, and was suited up with a mechanical left arm and leg. By this time, the Zombie Outbreak had occured, and Jordan knew what his next moves were, to join the ranks of Potius, and become what he once had been, a respected man of honor and integrity.
  12. "I "@Keeeru , agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." Signed by -- @Keeeru
  13. Hey there @Onyx. I dont have any video evidence of what happened last night, but I'd like to call up logs for @HartlssHeretic, i was in severograd base with a bunch of others in the middle of a gunfight with an unknown group who attacked us, when @Chronaran across the field the enemy was spotted in like a headless chicken. Others shot at him as well, I just happened to be the one who killed. For the reason I logged out, The firefight came to an end since the enemy appeared to have backed off, and the area had been sweeped by friends of mine in severograd base, It was already super late and I was getting tired so I decided to get off for the night. Also, I'd like to ask for @Juice Hand 's logs for the hits. Thanks guys. Also, the reason for their being little shots in the time you ran up, was because it had been night time and both sides were at a standstill since neither side could see anything. @Chrona
  14. Jim Butler, also goes by Jimby, is native to Chernarus but had no idea what had happened outside of his home, since the man dwells in his basement, forever stuck to the path of the Bong. He smokes quite frequently, you will rarely ever see him not high off his marbles. He realized one day what had happened outside his home when he found the strength to get off the couch and look outside the window. Jimby isn't scared or worried about what has happened, since he's too high to comprehend the world turning apocalyptic. He continues to grow as much weed as possible, and will keep getting as high as possible. He's usually an open friendly guy, he may zone out a couple times during conversation but thats normal. When he's not high though, he can become quite freakish, realizing what kind of a world he lives in now. The Bong is the only escape from the world he now lives in. Jimby is known to be good with weapons, since his dad taught him how to wield weapons and guns at a young age. Do not underestimate Jimby's skills with everyday life when he's high, since being high only makes him better at everyday things. Jim also knows how to cook some mean food, since he taught himself how to cook while being stoned off his mind before the apocalypse. The one thing Jim is afraid of however, is not being high. If you catch him while not high, it would be a good idea to stay away from him. His open friendly mindset changes to one that is frantic, scary, threatening, and close-minded. He is almost always high, so there is no need to worry about such things. Jim is ready to continue following the Bong.
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