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  1. James was on vacation sailing around on his boat he had run his vessel aground a few times to do some light hunting on a few islands that he had found densely forested as he was sailing he saw signs of civilization on a cluster of islands docks on the shoreline houses further up and decided to come ashore to restock supplies but found the surrounding area completely abandoned, he had checked the town thoroughly enough to determine this. then in the distance he saw a humanoid figure shambling toward him he ran up to talk to the person and the smell of rotting flesh assaulted his nose and sounds of moaning filled his ears one look at this thing made him realize that he made a huge mistake stopping here. he made a mad dash back to his boat only to find that it was gone, he began to think that he had beached further down the shore, after running for what seemed like 20 minutes down the coastline it became clear to James that someone had taken his boat. more of those things had wandered into town and were starting to take an interest in James, he decided right then and there to run into one of the houses and try to hide while he tried to figure out what to do now. with no way to escape and those creatures getting closer and closer he knew that all he could do was fight to survive.
  2. viktor was in the russian navy, his ship was sunk by malfunctioning explosives detonating in the hold, as far as he knows he is the only survivor. he awoke on the shore of turkey he had never been to turkey except in port to refuel the ship. he manages to scavange enough supplies to begin the journey toward home. the entire area he has explored seems deserted for some reason. plates still set on tables but all doors unlocked, gunshots can be heard in the distance, he decides to try to find a working long range radio to try and contact his superiors for rescue and to look into what has happened in this land. all the signs are in a language he kind of understands so he feels like he can still figure out where he needs to go so navigating will be a little easier. He begins his treck north battling nature and the elements he begins to recognize the landscape. Memories of his childhood come rushing back to him of his grandparents and a cabin that stood alone in the woods. He smiled a bit and shook his head knowing fullwell that he did not remember how to get to that cabin and that his grandparents had been dead for four years. Ad the signs he was reading began to change from Turkish to chernarussian he knew he was nearing the place his grandparents had moved to so long ago. Chenarus. He decides to look around and see if he can find that old cabin. he has skills in shooting, survival, map reading, and doing pretty much whatever it takes for him to stay alive. so basically he is trying to get back to his old life and he will do anything necessary to accomplish this. he is friendly but also cautious.
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