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  1. Gregor Ludendorff was born and raised in a small village outside Dresden in East Germany. He would soon become deeply patriotic and would give his life for the party. He was also always the smartest person in his class and was frequently bullied. As a kid he always dreamed of going to space which would spark his fascination for rockets. Immediately after graduating from the Technical University of Dresden in 1985, he would begin to research rocket technology for the state. Gregor would end up aiding in the development of many missile designs used in the eastern bloc. He prided himself in his work and led a happy life devoted to the state. When the wall collapsed in 1989 however, he would soon find himself out of a job. His life quickly went downhill as he was forced to work as a high school physics teacher. Not only could he no longer work on rockets, but he was disrespected by the people around him. This slowly eroded Gregor’s mental state and he ended up losing his job as a teacher as a result. He then locked himself in his house where he would research rockets and conduct experiments in his garage. When Gregor learned of the Chernarussian Civil War in 2009 he saw an opportunity to finally work on rockets for a communist state again. He began saving money for a trip to Chernarus by working at a gas station. In 2010 Gregor finally arrived in Chernarus where he found work as a minor researcher for the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. Despite working on rockets, the work left him empty as he felt he wasn’t being treated with the respect he deserved, and he soon quit as a result. Not only did he begin to resent the Chernarussian state, but he felt that the world had betrayed him after taking away his dream job in East Germany and belittling him. It was not long until he swore revenge against the world and began looking for someone or something to work for that shared his philosophy. When Gregor heard of the outbreak in South Zagoria he saw an opportunity find someone evil to work for and set off.
  2. I believe some rules may need retooling or new ones being added, but I believe this would be a great thing to try out. Worst case scenario they will be constantly attacked, but it could always be reverted from the server. I have faith that people will respect the settlements and rarely attack especially if rules/guidelines are in place. On the abandoned bases argument I think the traveler brings up a good point with them adding physical history that leaves a legacy on the server. I also support custom group bases as I think long lasting groups should leave a near-permanent impact on the server, naturally there will need to be some fairly strict restrictions on who can make bases and what they can put in bases, but I think the good outweighs the bad for group bases especially considering how limiting and bland the ingame base building is.
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