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  1. Karl Sturnburger was the son of East German government officials. Despite not remembering his time while East Germany still existed he imagines it as paradise. When the Berlin Wall fell in late 89 his family was devastated. Not only was their way of life over but also, they were also out of jobs. Life became hard in the west after the unification. He was generally disliked and unpopular in school, which would slowly make him come to despise the west and his sanity slowly began to crumble. He grew mad at anything he deemed un-communist which began to include his family as a means to cope with his crummy life. At the age of 18 he left to go east despite his parent’s wishes to find a place where he felt he belonged. He spent the next 15 years moving between nations taking jobs and traveling the nation trying to spread his ideals. He went to countries like Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Takistan, and ultimately Chernaurus. He arrived for the first time in Miroslavl in late 2016 and was generally unimpressed. He didn’t intend to spend more than a year in Chernaurus when the initial outbreak hit. By the time word hit the news the entire country had been put on quarantine and Karl was unable to flee. He stayed in Miroslavl during the first wave of peace keepers and doctors, but ultimately fled south like many others when the city was bombed. Today he wanders South Zagoria with renewed vigor and confidence as he believes it is his best opportunity to implement his ideas of “true communism” even if it means cracking a few eggs.
  2. Mangoorange

    Bring Them Back?

    I believe some rules may need retooling or new ones being added, but I believe this would be a great thing to try out. Worst case scenario they will be constantly attacked, but it could always be reverted from the server. I have faith that people will respect the settlements and rarely attack especially if rules/guidelines are in place. On the abandoned bases argument I think the traveler brings up a good point with them adding physical history that leaves a legacy on the server. I also support custom group bases as I think long lasting groups should leave a near-permanent impact on the server, naturally there will need to be some fairly strict restrictions on who can make bases and what they can put in bases, but I think the good outweighs the bad for group bases especially considering how limiting and bland the ingame base building is.
  3. Snail was always more of an outsider. In his early years at a Catholic school he hardly had anyone to talk to or hang out with. This changed after he met Rex Thunderstrom (Gale) and Micheal Jones (Kale). He felt they are the only ones who understood him. He was and is the smartest out of the trio but also the least socially adept. However, he still ultimately felt a lack of purpose up until Gale started to obsess over motorcycles. Snail was never and still isn’t 100% convinced by the whole motorcycling thing, but ultimately it became his calling. Afterwards in their teen years they would commonly cause mischief around Juneau (like riding bikes naked in road traffic and making watermelon bombs) but he was still was able to get a job alongside Gale as a pizza delivery man while Kale had to be a Gas station worker (which he still is bitter over). However, things slowly grew dull around Juneau. This changed after they heard that one of their favorite Youtubers named "ChernarusBikeBoy" announced he would host a race in Chernaurus and the gang decided to go using the money they had saved up. When they arrived in Chernaurus they realized they didn’t have enough money to return. Kale decided the best option was to bet all of their remaining money on the race. However, the group ultimately would fail horribly in the race and lose all of their money. After this, Gale (who was the natural leader of the group) decided they should form a small-time gang which he dubbed "Gale Motorcycle Club", with Gale giving him and Kale the rank of VP, after a lot of nagging over the name. When the outbreak finally occurred, they all drove their bikes around frantically in order to avoid being killed. They eventually lost their bikes, through a number of factors. They now roam Chernarus, seeking fame, and fortune.
  4. David Flang is the son of two Cherno-American immigrants. His father (Brian Flang) used to be a part of a large lumber corporation where he worked in the USA with is wife (Christina Flang) up until 1994 where his father was given a opportunity to work oversees as a Manager for a new company branch in Chernaurus for a 3 year contract. He accepted and him and his wife lived in Solnichniy until 1995 when Christina Flang became unexpectedly pregnant whit David. With a child on the way and a newfound fondness for Chernaurus Christina and Brian Flang decided to settle down and decided to acquire Chernaurus citizenship. In 1999 his parents also gave birth Alvin Flang despite his heritage quickly assimilated into Chernaurus culture and language and became native in both Cherno-russian and English. He followed his father’s footsteps and joined the lumber industry after graduation. The civil war did not have any major effects on him or his family other than increase demand for wood. Life was good to David until the outbreak. On the 7th of July after David's shift was over at the lumber yard and made his way home but was told to turn back by CDF troops who told him and his coworkers to stay in Berizino and was given no reason. On the 11th David and is coworkers awoke to turmoil in the streets and many of his coworkers began coughing and sneezing violently. With mass pandemonium on the streets and him being unable to contact his family via phone (due to it being out of battery) David decided to make his way to Solnichniy to try to find his family and make sure they are safe. While on his way to Solnichniy he encountered fleeing civilians, who told him storys of Zombies and infection which he hastily dismissed in his mind due to how outrageous it sounded. However, what he saw inside the Town scarred him for life. He saw people being eaten alive by infected and mass destruction on the streets. He quickly ran to his family home making sure to avoid any infected, but he found his house empty with many items being left behind in what seemed like a hasty evacuation. As he left the building a CDF soldier yelled at him and told him to get into a truck which would bring them to Miroslavl where it was deemed safe. After being driven to Miroslavl he searched every inch of the city for his family but eventually gave up hope of ever seeing them again. With the mass exodus of the city David fled the city where he has been on the run since, moving from town to town. David hopes to one day be able to escape the country somehow and maybe find his family, but deep down he knows he will most likely die trying.
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