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  1. Shoomer


    Well... you sir are a god.
  2. Maybe but I did not look for support and did not see it fit to put it in support since I'm only looking for som insight, but maybe you are right and I sohuld have put it there. I'm sorry if there is any inconvenience.
  3. Hi! As the title would suggest I'm wondering how many applications you look over over the course of a week. I am simply wondering because I have been pushed up in the queue from placement 7 and have just seen the applications get higher and higher and me being pushed further back. I know this is an estimate placement in the queue but I would just like to know a little bit more about it before getting upset about it. Thank you for any response.
  4. Thanks I'll make sure to do that!
  5. Hey! I'm Shoomer and hope to join this server aswell as my friends. hopefully it wont take too long to get an answear on the whitelisting. But it will be lovely to join the server. Baii!