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  1. Okay, so my PC is the greatest one you've ever seen and it went nuts I lost most of my personal files including the document in which I had my whole characters background and set up. Is there any way that one of you handsome admins might find it for me since I'm really proud of the work I did in it, and also needs the information while writing on a clan page. Pretty please?
  2. Sure you are, they are just waiting for the white list! So until then I'm just sitting ducks, you guys know if there is any way to get further up in the que? can you add text to your background etc.?
  3. I'm in guys! I'll just have to wait for my lazy friends! /Gurkiich
  4. Heya guys! I just applied, I really look forward to start playing on this server, got some pals joining in as well! So yeah, hopefully I'll see you guys soon!