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"any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"

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  1. Tiger-chan

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Congrats y'all!
  2. Tiger-chan

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Holy crap thats an intense awesome read! Please tell me yall will come to Livonia too! Im very impressed. Good luck y'all!
  3. Tiger-chan

    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Congratz on approval y'all! Keep bringing the RP!
  4. Tiger-chan

    Hey everyone

    I hope you are enjoying your time here! Welcome!
  5. Tiger-chan


    Welcome back! We've missed you! Glad you returned home!
  6. Tiger-chan

    Hello There.

    We are all happy that you joined us!
  7. Tiger-chan

    Top of the evening? To ya.

    Looking forward to the RP you bring! Have fun!
  8. Tiger-chan


    Welcome to the community! You'll love it here!
  9. Tiger-chan

    An Pobal Media Thread

    Not the music I would have chosen but pretty good. Look forward to more. @Mademoiselle
  10. Tiger-chan

    An Pobal Media Thread

    I've been in a roll over. Talk about a tight pucker event. Jesus, it was scary! Arent the cars lovely? Great video so far. Bring more comical clips. That was fun!
  11. Tiger-chan

    Refusing to RP with characters

    I give everyone a chance to RP with me. Even if I know who they are from OOC information. The only time I ran from a potential RP was when I saw a group holding people up. I looked at my clock and saw I had 30 min until I had to get ready for work, so I made sure they didnt see me, snuck away and waited about 5 min to make sure they didnt see me. Then logged out. I understand where people are coming from, especially if its someone you know will give you drama OOC but personally, I RP with people I dont like because I wouldnt want them to avoid me. Treat people you want to be treated. But thats me. And if the RP was fun and memorable, I like to reach out to them and give them props. Even if i dont like them. Give credit where credit is due.
  12. Tiger-chan

    Borealis [Selective IC Recruitment]

    Looks like Corp if it was Publicly Traded. But I like it! Best of luck y'all! Have fun out there!
  13. Tiger-chan

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    A wipe would be awesome. Especially when it comes to not allowing old groups to return after a certain period of time. I never got to experience a time when there were groups that were more Lore heavy, like the UN and such. Not to mention that we have a massive influx of hostile groups. A fresh start would be nice. I do not support the idea of forcing the two countries together or to be neighboring countries. I'd rather they stay separate and we have two major stories or a cool down period between switching a character between Chernarus and Livonia. I think we should begin our story 6-12 months after the mass spread of the infection. I also think it should be a more isolated incident since the majority of players do not play characters native to the land. Maybe the infection has not affected the USA & UK or something along those lines, etc.
  14. Tiger-chan

    hello rp Peeps

    Love the username! Welcome to the community! You'll love it here.
  15. Tiger-chan

    Just a newcomer saying hello

    You are most welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself!
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