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  1. Put the Lore to 2022 and on a fake island in the British isles near Norway. It will better explain the English language being the dominant spoken language but still in Europe and closer to the main continent. We also need more mods.
  2. Glad to see my commissions being used by the greater community. I'm glad. @Misho has a real talent and I'm glad many more can see and engage in his skills. Great Mod! Can't wait to find that Deagle! Hooray for Economy RP! Time to do some shopping!!!
  3. Looks great bro. Can't wait to see it.
  4. My favorites: Running the VMSZ and commissioning guns for the community, like the SVT-40 and the USP-45. @Mishodeserves all the love for making them
  5. Richard Tiger Playing with SPERO on Nomalsk. Enjoying my time as being an American and giving helpful advise to people on to survive the harsh winter conditions and EMP blasts. Even his death was fun to play. He fought (by running) until the end. Josef Liska, being the first and last Prime Minister of Chernarus. Went from some Chernarussian character who was in the CDF to the Minister of Civil Service and then became Prime Minister. I enjoyed playing a politician but most of all, I enjoyed playing Josef and his many wild adventures. My most favorite time on the server, running and leading the Volunteer Militia of South Zagoria. Playing Alek was a blast and there was so much fun filled adventures playing politics and keeping peace in Chernogorsk. His execution by the CLF was so memorable and I miss those early days.
  6. I'm all for it and I'd be happy to join Support and help with the influx of new characters. I feel 2021 Lore, set at the same time of what's going down in Chernarus, would be fun. As well as help out new players decide a character.
  7. I think the rule should have *exceptions to it when it comes to providing video evidence for a report. Rewrite the rule but keep it overall.
  8. For a better tomorrow See y'all when I return. Lore is great and the graphics are nice. Can't wait to see y'all.
  9. Add a second massive city to rival the current one. Or add quarantined towns or city.
  10. @Zanaan great points made. Glad to see some optimism on the forums. Sadly, I'll just wait until the map is much larger. Small maps are not my thing. When ever that happens, I'd be happy to return and fund new gun mods. Keep having fun y'all. @Jackfish spitting out facts. Miss your work. Hopefully we'll RP again in the future.
  11. Chernarus is my favorite but close second is Livonia. Nyhiem would be great if it was as large as Chernarus or Deer Isle.
  12. Question: "Approved groups share kill rights to all group members online during the initial hostile action or initiation." Does that mean if a Group A has initiated on Group B, who is all in a building, so the entire building is initiated on, but to keep anyone from slipping away, Group A has people down the street to block off any escape and is unknown to Group B, does that part of Group A, that's farther away and hidden, (sniper or prepared back back up) get kill rights on Group B? What if they are on another part of the map away from the situation but know an initiation has been given due to radio communication within the group? How would Group B know if this other group of players is part Group A? Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SVT-40 It's actually just the SVT-40. That is what @Mishomade and what was commissioned. But some extra love given to it... such as accepting a real suppressor. I think adding more western weapons would be better than eastern. Like the new M16-A2 that was added to vanilla. But scrap guns would be best of all. We need more scrap guns than modern guns.
  14. I don't care either way honestly. But it does look more professional with out the color. But again, I don't care really.
  15. I see a lot of Buzinessez starting up from this Mod. Let's add it! It would be great for TRADE
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