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    Twas the night before Christmas, and on DayZRP.
    Not much was going on, not even from me.
    I traveled far and wide, to find a rare treat.
    I was getting tired, and wanted off my feet.
    I stopped by a tree, and took out my map.
    When someone just hit me, with one hard slap.
    I fell on my rear and looked up with might.
    There stood a bandit in red, it gave me such fright.
    He was cladded in armor, with white beard and cap.
    He glared down at me, so I closed my trap.
    He spoke with in a manner, I did not fore-see.
    He spoke at me roughly, looking right at me.
    "Why are you out here, so late and in the cold.
    This place is dangerous, for the young and the old."
    He then relaxed a bit, in his tone as he spoke.
    He reached down with his hand, and my chest he did poke.
    "You should be at home, now go with great haste!
    Now hurry on your way, there is no time to waste."
    I stood up and stared at this giant large man.
    He gave a long sigh, then offered his hand.
    "Sorry for the slap, I meant no ill hate. 
    I don't want to see people suffer a poor fate."
    I took his apology, it seem honest and sincere.
    We started some small talk, and shared a beer.
    We walked for miles, then I thought to ask, 
    "So what's your name, and what is your task?"
    He chuckled with a smile, and put an arm around me.
    He gave me a wink and told me, "You'll see." 
    Finally I was home, and eager to get warm.
    The weather was roaring, so came the storm.
    And behold my eyes caught a sight of something great!
    A lit Christmas tree, and below it, a crate.
    I opened the crate and what did I see,
    Plenty of ammo and an M4 for me.
    I smiled with joy but remembered my guest, 
    I turned to see he was gone, maybe for the best.
    I looked outside to see if the stranger was around.
    Instead I saw deer, moving together in a bound. 
    Behind them was a sleigh, with the stranger in sight.
    He gave me a wave and wink and yelled, 

    "Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!"

    Hope y'all enjoyed. I don't think this is too good but I've been thinking about it for a month. Anyway, I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you on the server! 

    1. ScarlettLR


      I think that was very well done I enjoyed reading it 😁

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