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  1. I think enough of the active player base has spoke. I appreciate all the participation and opinion. //Archive please Staff
  2. It's better than what is was previously. I was optimistic things would improve and they started to. Plus, if we really do have over 200+ players voting for a new map, then there should be no issue with it being so full, that a second server would be needed and I can continue this character's story. Even a nobody like myself have plans for the server. To help it gain popularity.
  3. I don't think being lazy to make new characters is the issue. I think people being too comfortable with how they currently RP and are too stubborn to change to a different style is the problem. The Population remained high for quite some time. You know this
  4. @Roland votes are in. Most are in favor of it
  5. Players make a difference. Not the map. This was proven two weeks ago when we had a major event.
  6. yawn_right_kitten_glitched2_by_romanromanich-dc2i4b1.gif.b73a072f266d1a7454d4ab792e1e8ae5.gif

    I love this comic... 

    I need a hug 😭

  7. I noticed no change at all. The closest to crashing I ever had was getting out of a helicopter.
  8. In conjuction and as a trade off to this post here I say, no more being able to carry rifles in clothes. Only pistols. In fact, we can go further. No more allowing rifles being allowed to be stored in backpacks that hold less than 63 slots. This will require people to carry large backpacks to move rifles. Making rifles visible or thier backpacks more obvious. This will be a fair balance in my opinion. Vests can still have rifles in them as a balance. Or not at all. I don't care either way
  9. Doesn't need to make sense. It's a video game. My idea would be to prevent pants and jackets and shirts from holding rifles. That's a fair trade off
  10. Agreed. It will be easier for bandits to spot the gear guys when they have the big back packs
  11. Maybe a good balance could be, you can't store rifles in your jacket or pants. Only a vest or backpack. Just a thought
  12. Yes because it's encourages players wear clothes based on the weather and thier character instead of having to rely on copasity.
  13. A middle aged Chernarussian man speaks as a crowd of people mumble behind him "Dobrey den! This is the Minister of Civil Service Josef Liska. I have recieved information that a horde of over 300 infected have been seen moving through Zelenogorsk, Green Mountain, and Pavlovo. A force of Military personel, Ministry employees, and volunteers protected civilians in all 3 known locations. There will be more and it is presumed that the entire oblast is at risk. I urge the leaders of other communities to take up arms and prepare for more hordes of infected to flood thier towns. Be safe, be strong. Good luck to you all! Slava Chernarus!" The crowd calms down and the radio shuts off
  14. - pistol ammo become less wimpy - a modular backpack that can hold a canteen, drybag, belt pouch, rifle, and such - more BDU camo color patterns - able to blouse all cargo pants and military pants - semi-auto tubelar magazine fed shotgun - Russian cool coat from around the Soviet Days... y'all know what I mean - mod where you can make seperate characters and store thier outfits and locations so you can switch between characters with out needing to share the same model and such. Seperate hives on the same server. Character selection And everything else others have mentioned. Especially bullet making
  15. So awesome we have a vanilla game truck! It looks good too.
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