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  1. OMG that would be terrifying! Imagine what's going through your character's mind.
  2. If we had our own in house mods, we wouldn't ask for more mods to be added. Just remove Zeroy Fishing and add in these backpacks instead.
  3. KOT

    Locking of Cars

    I don't really care either way. So long as we can use an alternative key like a lock pick or screw driver
  4. Yes for the 3rd or 4th time, YES! We need to add this. We can sacrifice other mods for this. I want that backpack!
  5. I like it. I get to have an excuse to wear winter clothing and enjoy snow. Since we don't get snow in SE Texas
  6. Winter started early in south east Texas. It began a week ago. So let's get that snow in!
  7. I don't want base building back. Especially after seeing an apartment with 8 steel doors hiding a ton of gear, I'm scared of what monstrosity could be born next. But, to be fair, I do miss building stuff and talking to people IC as I work. And I've always wanted to see people forced to work against thier will to build bases. It would be a cool RP if done by well made RP bad guys. Maybe we ban double gates and gate houses and stacked two story walls and not allow walls and gates in cities but only in the country. MoreDoors can be built in the city but gates and walls can not. Just throwing out ideas.
  8. The nights, where I live, are plenty bright. I've never seen it that dark before in real life so THAT level of darkness is unrealistic. We need to see to RP.
  9. Oh yeah! Pipe Wrench will repair broken car engines! Cars will be worth it again! I hope modded cars catch up to this!
  10. Well, looks like Roland will have to remove his stuff from the near the Prison Island, which will be great for server stability. But it also looks like there will be more emphasis on survival and being more cautious with your health and well being. I can see this changing combat since there is a risk of people getting broken limbs but I am confident that this will be amazing for Medical RP. Not to mention the new shelters. THAT will be awesome to build in the woods. Perfect as a hunting lodge too. Imagine being in a town and relaxing and one night, a red flare rises over the town and an invasion of soldiers or armed people show up? The red hue making their lenses and visors glow, so scary! It will really feel like winter too with how clothing and temperatures will change. More "camp fire RP" if you ask me. Hehe I'm punny. Are y'all excited for this? I am!
  11. Don't they have a 3 day timer? They will be gone in a few days so I don't care.
  12. Just make it it yourself in game and in character. No need to just add another pre-fab for something that might work out. The server is struggling already.
  13. The BK-18 and Sporter 22 and the 22 pistol. As well as .22 ammo. Also, the smoke grenade that is used by the grenade launcher.
  14. What about removing guns or reducing their spawn on guns and gear that are not popular or used? It could help balance the loot a bit. I do agree some stuff should be removed. We don't need a line of empty cars that don't spawn anything. Nor do we need a lot of random stuff on the server.
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