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"any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"

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  1. This is quite a surprise. Welcome back!
  2. Congrats y'all! I look forward to the RP y'all bring!
  3. Great fun listening to music with y'all and I'm always glad to help y'all grow. I look forward to doing for business with y'all in the future! Keep the RP coming guys!
  4. I didnt join the server until May 2019. So I did. I was around when the Muslim group was a thing but they just portrayed stereotypes which was annoying. And it lasted a few weeks before archiving. Something else I'd like to see, more Lore based Groups like the Chedaki, CDF, LDP, and LDF. I remember we had a police force in Chernarus twice and both were bandit groups. One who proclaimed they hated foreigners, worked with a foreigner group to attack people. I want to see More group done well. Not just in title.
  5. Welcome back y'all! Good luck out there!
  6. James pulls his radio off his belt while at a well and pumping water into a few large buckets and nearly drops it @Highlander "I am looking. But for an order like that, it will take me time. I will let you know when I find enough to warrant the travel back to Toplin. I ask for your patience." @Highlander_V "I found your optic today.... at least I think I did. I will try to make my way to Toplin in the next few days. I travel by foot so it will take me time." Drops his radio in a bucket of water that he trips over
  7. I don't want to go to work. I want to play more DayZRP 😭

    1. Lemons


      Times used to be good, being able to play a lot of DayzRP. Now it's mostly work 

    2. Father Tiger

      Father Tiger

      Yep. I've known that feeling since joining the server. It sucks. 

  8. Mine are going to be weird but here is what I want to see: Communist group that actually attempts to enforce modern aspects of a Marxist-Leninist ideologies. Those who willing join are rewarded while those who resist are punished. They give people the option and sort of forced recruitment. Religion is prohibited, all that is done is for the glory of the State. None of the anti-foreigner ideology. The Return of the Czars! The entire world is affected by this outbreak, and with it comes opportunity for the last of the Russian aristocracy to reclaim power and try to bring civil order under the banner of the White Hats and the will of the Czar. The clash among Dukes and Princes can be interesting. An evil scientist group. With zombies being stronger and animals too, who is pulling the strings on this? Why hasn't this been explained Lore wise? What if a group of scientists are still trying to create the perfect virus? I actually have ideas on this one and a character that could start it, but this would require a lot of OOC agreements among other group members and groups. The rise of religious groups. The issue I have with this, is I never saw a religious group here actually go well because they just attack people just because and make outlandish demands while literally showing up to attack/raid someone just for the sake of doing so. And then the arguments and reports start. I'm not again religious group or cults but even cults know that you get more followers with be kind and understanding and knowledgeable. Cults always seems to be upbeat and compassionate with a strong sense of community. Just look up Jones-town. The UN. Where is the UN? Why have only heard of them and not seen a strong UN group? It's the most logical group that should exist on this server and yet I've not seen a UN group. Also, they should be a hero group. Not a bandit group. Most of all, I want to see groups that start up and try not to create enemies for the sake of having them, or a new group is made and a larger more powerful group comes over to them and makes outlandish demands just to bully them or makes them an enemy when they have not met them yet! I want to see groups have more events together. Either good events like a mass casualty events at King's Ridge where people actually lay around and groan about their injuries. Or maybe the 503 is hit by a massive hoard of zombies. Maybe Section 20 has an agreement with some other group where they meet on a battlefield or town and actually have a huge fight or siege. No more OOC hatred or Salt Reports. Actual OOC discussions where people have fun with each other. Trade groups that actually last! Not get raided in days, actually allow people to come trade. I've never seen a trade group last no more than a week or 2 on this server and I recall a trade shop in Chernarus that I could actually shop in. It was back when I was part of the Grizzlies. I miss that shop. But it get's raided. I want to see a trade economy again. This is why we need a trader's mod because traders do not last long on this server. So that's what I got for now.
  9. The radio goes static as an American speaks with a Texas accent "This is James, former... you know what, it doesn't matter anymore. I've set aside my desire for for anything but the help of others.... and preservation of my own life...... and the longing to get back to the States, but that besides the point. Over my years of being on this side of the world and being part of certain groups, I have noticed that I have the common talent for finding things. Seeing people smile and show emotions of glee or joy when I bring them something they are desperately needing, like nails, tetracycline, weapons, ammunition, and so much more, is what keeps me going... among other things, like the hope of getting out of Europe. Hell I'll take Canada or Mexico at this point. I keep getting off topic... sorry y'all." He clears his throat and nearly drops the radio "Ok, the point I'm trying to make is this: Can I help you find something? I tend to hang out in Toplin at the hospital. I'll try to start wearing a white cowboy hat so I can be seen but to be honest, just ask around and ask for me. I'm not afraid to tell you my name, but I will ask for yours. If you are looking for something, let me know. I'll try to find it for you. Most of the time it's for free unless I really need something myself. So yeah, there you have it. Groups and organizations are welcome to ask me to help them find them stuff. Find me in the Hospital in Toplin. I'm there at random times. If you find me on my scavenging runs, don't be afraid to ask for my help or ask me what I am carrying. Maybe it's something you need. He drops his radio on the ground "Dammit! Not again-" The sound of someone wiping their glove over the radio's mic can be heard "So yeah.... that's pretty much it. Seek me out at the Hospital in Toplin and ask me to find something for you. Just keep in mind, the larger the order, the longer it will take. If you have an established home, I'll make the delivery there. Otherwise, we can meet in Toplin at the Hospital and I'll give you want to need. Speak to me in person and I'll give you my radio... frequency thing. This is James, signing off-" The sound of the radio falling from his hand and rolling down a hill into the river is heard, as well as the swearing of a person trying to grab it. The radio would float away down the river. Luckily, he keeps a few spare radios on him.

  11. @Kerkkoh What is the status of your map, currently? Is it a completed project or a work in progress? Do you have any counter arguments to some of the concerns that have been brought up? I would like your opinion on the matter. I can imagine it must be a great honor that your map is being heavily considered.
  12. Like @Phoenix stated, the 2 hour timer after hostile actions. I'm just going to play it safe and wait the 2 hours and run & hide. Maybe longer just to be safe. Maybe change my clothes too.
  13. Just to clarify, if I played James (who is on Livonia) and went and robbed some player and ran away, I would have to wait out the 2 hour timer and be out of line of site for the full 30 minutes, before switching to Jeff, another character (who is on Livonia)? OR Do I have to remain on James for a longer period of time before switching to Jeff? I'm a bit confused.
  14. I disagree with it being pointless. I will agree that over time, it could be counter-productive. Why not try though? Give it a week before a full replacement, before the longer period. I understand the plan/action behind this decision but you will risk alienating at least 43 players thus far. Putting an end to well traversed and well performed RPs just to squeeze players closer together.
  15. I haven't drank a soda in years. So tonight, at work, I tried a Sprite out. That shit made me sick. I'm never going back to sodas again. I even had a Coke the day before it tasted terrible. Never again. I'll stick with milk and water. 

    1. Lemons


      Coffee and water for me 😄 Haven't had sodas for like 4-5 years 

    2. FalkRP



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