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  1. Jason was born and raised in Houston Texas. As a kid, he always had a talent for talking with people. He was a social young boy and even as a teenager he rarely got caught with his wild shenanigans. He'd love to steal cars and go joy riding. He was chased by the police every so often but he managed to get away until one day, a dirty Sheriff grabbed him while he was at school and he was taken to court and charge with Grand Theft Auto. While his sentence was being issued, he was given the option to join the Army to escape prison time. With his parents permission, he did. He was sent to Fort Bennings, GA. After a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he left the Army and went on to live with his Army buddies in West Virginia. He traveled the world with them, hunting and fishing. Jason never had many skills but he was good with his hands. He learned to just do manual labor and worked with his friends as they traveled the world. Experiencing new cultures and living different life styles to understand the people they were with. While he worked though, he got a phone call that his mother and father were both killed in a horrific car accident. He fell into a deep depression and started to drink heavily. He spent some time in AA meetings and seeking personal help. One thing that did help him though was being out there and hunting. Even if he didn't get anything, just the experience and the adventure was worth it all. He went back out with his friends for another hunting trip. They went to Russian after the country re-opened from the pandemic. Finally he was able to enjoy the outdoors. They decided to check out the newly acquired Republic. From then on, things went down down. The infection was different in this country and now Jason and his friends must find a way to get home.
  2. Hell yeah! Love me some guns! By far, this is my favorite.
  3. Sounds like to me that the game was intentionally designed to becone exploritive and discourage stationary living. Hmmm... is there a way to chang this? Stuff spawning away from people? Or anything else that can be done? Or are we basically left to the mercy of the DayZ Devs?
  4. In my time of being on this server, not once have I heard of a group kicking out a bad player. Or they leave voluntarily but they still roll with them like they are in the group.
  5. Fair point Hofer Fet. But this Mod could be more stable than Squad. And we aren't using Squad weapons anyway, we might as well use this instead.
  6. I do agree. Half the places I visit are empty or have dump t-shirts in them.
  7. That's fair. I'll try to help IC anyway I can then and see how it goes. Bring more people to RP with.
  8. The restoration of a Civilian Government would be great! I have a character that can help, hint hint
  9. Heavy breathing can be heard as a young man runs down a concrete road. He stops for a moment to catch his breath. The sounds of the infected are heard in the distance "This is.... Milos... Koshkin... I am... was... the last remaining city... council member... of the Mayor's... office... will my... services be... needed?" He offers as he starts to catch his breath. He then takes a deep breath and while still breathing heavily, he speaks again "I can make my way to... Chernogorsk. I am heading south. I am... currently in the town of... Berizino. I will be there as quick as I... can. If I am... needed. I can do administrative work..." There is a loud scream of an infected person and the sound of a gun... then another... and a heavily breathing voice returns "I'm coming home!" The sound of heavy foot steps beats the concrete as the sounds of screaming infected as not that far behind him
  10. We aren't using Squad's weapons, which is, I think, what people wanted so I say we should add this instead since we can't use Squad's weapons.
  11. Take your time but please don't forget about our shotguns. You're our hero!
  12. Roland holds them accountable. And how many times has the server population climbed and recovered? Still too many to count.
  13. I don't have enough BeanZ to give out to all the beautiful answers made before me. I trust in the Red Hats to do what best for the community. If a group is being toxic doing nothing but hurting the over-all RP experience of the community then get rid of the group! Simple as that!
  14. I miss Mass's shotguns. Not that single shot break action. The Semi-Auto shotguns are what I want. No magazine needed. Just load them in the tube. I'd like those re-added or for us to have our own. Please support adding more shotguns.
  15. The middle aged man picks up the radio and laughs a bit "Sorry Ruski. Can not comply. A Ruski told me to leave my country so I doubt I'd be let in. I presume he was military. So I have my "stay-out-of-Chernogorsk-card" thanks to your soldiers. You comrades enjoy the closed quarters in a viral pandemic. Should be fun!" He puts his radio aside and keeps on walking
  16. If that y'all want. Why not? If not, then add it to the knife sheath slot since those are rare.
  17. I was thinking about this and I was wondering, since knife sheath aren't very common and you can also carry one in your boot, could we have the ability to place a medical back or small pack/pouch where the knife slot would go on the civilian/military belt? Not the SQUAD belt but the normal belt. Let me know what y'all think! (wrote this after just waking up)
  18. Such great news! I'm going to look forward to this! I may have an RP for yall too... but warm welcoming return indeed! Good luck guys!
  19. What do you mean rifle class? Are we talking SKS, Mosin Nagants, etc. OR you referring to assault rifles like AKs and such?
  20. Damn! He god f***ed up! Look at all that blood!
  21. The middle aged man chuckles for a bit "Why? Scared of an old soldier? I'm not going any where. This is my country." Continues to chuckle as he sets the radio down
  22. A very tired and cold and wet middle aged adult nale would respond to the radio message "What about former soldiers? How long would we have to comply? What is this test?" He'd set the radio down and warm up by a fire
  23. Remove busses but allow Hofer to spawn a bus for his events
  24. the radio would click on as the coughing and heavy lafter of a middle aged man is heard. It goes on for a few minutes "Dats... heh that's a good one Ruski hehaha... this man doesn't speak for me or my comrades. I don't believe he's even Chernarussian. I get the feeling you, soldiers, found his supply, hahaha!" the radio would click off after a few minutes of laughing and more laughing in the background
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