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"any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"

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  1. Crimson_Tiger

    New Player

    If you feel you have been harassed then do not hesitate to reach out to Staff @kinjanglou because that is what we are here for. The tools that are needed to help join our community are available. Please utilize them. We hope in the future, you give this server a fair chance. Until then, Best of luck!
  2. Crimson_Tiger

    Constantly "Robbed"

    Try out our Mentor Program and learn some new skills on what you should do and not do in certain areas or how to RP your way into a group. I'd also encourage you to check out the Group Threads and find a group that peaks your interests. I know of a group in the west that accepts pretty much anyone. Seek them out.
  3. Crimson_Tiger

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    This Topic has been discussed multiple times before. On that note, Staff have decided to go ahead and Lock the Thread.
  4. Crimson_Tiger

    Group Base Threads/Section

    That would be a great way to keep things organized.
  5. Crimson_Tiger


    Why can't my relief ever show up to work on time?!

  6. Crimson_Tiger

    Lawful Evil and Roleplay

    My definition of a character that is Lawfully Evil is more along the lines of a politician that uses the system to make their own gains. I think of a character that is Lawfully Evil as someone that is not willing to break their own code/creed/laws to obtain what they desire. This person isn't someone who is derived of humor or kindness but is more along the lines of selfish and arrogant. Basically, a good "James Bond" villain, is a great example.
  7. Crimson_Tiger

    Howdie fellas

    Well howdie do amigo! Welcome to the Community! Happy you joined us!
  8. Crimson_Tiger


    Wow! That's just beautiful! Well done!
  9. Crimson_Tiger

    Armbands but on the legs or other arms

    @Ducky Is it possible to have Arm bands but on legs? Are anymore colors in the works in the possible future? I'd like to see a Livonian and Polish armband. Maybe add more colors and textures. Perhaps other countries like Mexico & Columbia. South American flags. I think it be cool to have bandages on your leg. It would look cool with the Limping animation.
  10. Crimson_Tiger

    Mason's Media Thread

    Very nice. Thoroughly entertaining. Keep it up.
  11. Crimson_Tiger

    Moretti Consortium

    Good luck out there y'all! Have fun! I'm interested in seeing where y'all take this.
  12. Crimson_Tiger


    Congrats on approval! I look forward to the stories you bring to the people of South Zegoria!
  13. Crimson_Tiger

    Flares and vests, vests and flares

    This could be a serious life improvement. It would make carrying around a flare a viable option instead of tossing them aside for their chem-light counter parts. Calling in the great wise @Ducky & @Watchman is this possible?
  14. Crimson_Tiger

    So the new update is kinda...

    I gave up on using a knife to fight the infected. I went back to my trusty ax. They need to nerf zombies or buff knives.
  15. Crimson_Tiger

    Hi Guys

    Welcome back! Glad you returned! Have fun out there!
  16. Crimson_Tiger

    Public Service Announcement (Open freq)

    He picks the radio up and presses the PTT "Well in that case, fuck 'em! I'm living in the west now and sleeping like a baby. I'd like to see them try and string me up." He laughs and releases the PTT and goes back to sleep
  17. Crimson_Tiger

    Public Service Announcement (Open freq)

    He laughs and then presses the PTT "Bear? That's it? I thought it was something serious. I wouldn't be too concerned. Just mind your own business and keep a rifle close. I wouldn't stress over such an animal. I've killed a few already. That's what having a rifle can do for you. Toss them some raw meat and they will leave you alone." He sips his last beer down and releases the PTT. He sets his radio down and lets a relaxing sigh.
  18. Crimson_Tiger

    Public Service Announcement (Open freq)

    Presses down on the PTT "What ya on about amigo? You're ganna have to give us more than that. If you're too scared to tell us, then I'm calling it a bluff." Releases the PTT and sicks back and relaxes
  19. Crimson_Tiger

    It's been a while.

    Welcome! You'll love our mentor program!
  20. Crimson_Tiger

    Hey Y’all

    Welcome welcome welcome! You'll love it here!
  21. Crimson_Tiger

    It is I

    We are happy to have you! Welcome!
  22. Crimson_Tiger

    hello i am Simon

    Welcome! You'll love it here!
  23. Crimson_Tiger


    Welcome! We are happy to have you
  24. Crimson_Tiger

    Back after a long break

    Welcome back! We are happy that you returned!
  25. Crimson_Tiger

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome back y'all! Have fun out there!
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