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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I added them both. Check them out and give them a vote!
  2. Crimson_Tiger

    DayZRP 19.7.3

  3. I'm glad you enjoy these posts. I don't want the Dev team to feel pressure at all about poll/requests. I hope it give y'all insight, that's all. And about whether these weapons make sense in Chernarus, I'm glad to explain. Chernerus is an off piece of Russia, so adding more Russian weapons is key, I agree. I wish to acknowledge that in Russia, western firearms are also very popular because they are different. Chernerus is near Ukraine and Turkey. Ukraine, since 2014, has been increasing trade with the west and pushing to become more European than Russian. Turkey is a NATO member and has strong western ties. Both of these countries trade with both Russia, The EU, and the USA. With a neighboring nation like Chernerus so close and likely heavy trade partners with these two pro west nations, I am assuming that western weaponry, and equipment will be available in the country. Maybe not common but present. Not to mention, Russia also has a fascination with Western weaponry and hunting weapons. Like all my posts, I aim to add some influence of western culture in the hunting and gun culture of the country. In fact, according to friends of the family, Russia prefer Western weaponry for accuracy. They are more expensive because domestic is cheaper. Personally, most of the suggested fire arms in my posts are based on theories and research. A few select fire arms are simply for the cool factor or a rare treasure item. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my posts. It means a lot. Keep it up Devs! You're doing great!
  4. What a beauty! I wish y'all the best on getting that bad boy up and running!
  5. To quote former Vice President Joe Biden, "Buy a shotgun!" You can not deny the reliability and blasting power of a good old fashioned shotgun! Even though this classic has been remade with more modern components and parts and semi-automatic to full auto. The shotgun is the classic go-to-gun for the zombie apocalypse. Here are few suggestion that I'd like y'all to vote on. What would you choose to add to this game? Personally, I would like to see the SPAS-12.
  6. TT Tokarev, is a pistol, already suggested it here... which got the most votes. The RPK is being added already and is a military Light Machine Gun. The PKP is a Light Machine Gun. The PPSH is a sub machine gun from WWII. The VEPR Hunter is a civilian version of the Dragonov, which is already in the game. I am asking for CIVILIAN rifles. Not military weapons or pistols.
  7. If you can recommend more civilian Russian hinting weapons then I'd be happy to add it to the list. The one to inform me of Russian firearms are all military or an LMG. I do not know what is available for civilians in Russia. I know the Saiga Rifle is a hunting rifle over there and can be converted to a full AK- looking weapon but I'm aiming for more hunting weapons that are not bolt action. I'd prefer more magazine fed semi-automatic rifles. Not more bolt actions.
  8. I didn't say obsession. I said passion. I respect a man that likes and knows a historical rifle.
  9. Because of your passion for the SVT-40 I added it to the poll. Enjoy!
  10. You are correct, but when you break it down to simplicity, the SVD is a semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. The SVT-40 is a semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle chambered in the same caliber. It would need it's own proprietary magazine and I don't want to burden the devs more than they'd already be by adding a new rifle.
  11. That rifle would be great to have but it's basically in the game already. Which is why I didn't include it.
  12. I'll make a poll for Shotguns next time. This poll is for rifles
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