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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • America

    Just a bit of advice for you @Crimson_Tiger.

    I think you need to chill out when handing out warning points. This is a gaming community where people come together to have fun, its not a job where you must keep your shirt tucked in and your back straight. People should be allowed to joke about and mess around without getting 3 warning points for it being taken out of context as flame.

    I have seen countless warning points for little to nothing and your name has been on top issuing it. Its a gaming community not a prison camp. Now I understand if someone is legitimately flaming, fire away, slap him 20 if you want but friendly banter between friends receiving points? 

    I think you need to take a step back and think about it before handing out points. Warning points have NEVER been this frequent for minor things until you became a moderator.

    Just think about it, add up how many points you have issued since becoming a moderator in this short time, is that normal? The context you read 5 words may be totally different and mean something else to someone else.

    Free speech is a thing.


    1. Para


      Wasn't this feedback given like 3 times in the last 2 weeks?


    2. Voodoo


      Well firstly this should be on the staff members feedback thread not in a status update that appears on everyone's latest in order to publicly shame them.

      Secondly points are given by vote (GMs and Mods) not by this staff member alone. They need to be decided on what the content portrayed merits.

      Staff do not know friend circles, we judge on what is put infront of us. As community members everyone represents the community so for instance as an example we cant allow some to openly put a flame with friends then deny others who will claim "but they did it here".

      Ofcourse we are all human and can make mistakes which is why the report button is available for anything we may have missed and why we have an appeals section for anything issued incorrectly.

      Good day to you all 

    3. America


      If you want to discuss this @Ryan Shepherdplease feel free to PM me or ask to speak to me via Discord. I'd be happy to discuss it. 

    4. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I am not publically shaming anyone, I am giving advice and I made that quite clear. The feedback section is equally as public.

      Also in what world did a vote class this below is flaming? 

      Quite frankly, I am seeing far too many of these lately and I as a member of the community felt it needed to be discussed rather than 'ty for the feedback will work on that one bro'.

      I can not stress enough I am not flaming @Crimson_Tiger especially on a personal level but giving him some advice.

    5. America


      I appreciate your advise @Ryan Shepherd. It means a lot coming from a player I have great admiration for. My offer still stands. If you wish to talk to me, you can call me via Discord or PM me at any time. My profile status is no place for this discussion. 

    6. Voodoo


      Well its not flaming the comment was deemed to be flame bait as clearly seen in the appeal screenshot we just don't have a title called flame bait.

      Whether that comment is deemed flame bait in the end is down to how the appeal goes but just because crimson sent the points through to the member of the community doesn't mean he is the only person involved he had votes from multiple members. 

      Now as this is an active appeal I think this discussion should end and if you need to talk about it then bring it up in PM's or on a staff feedback thread.

    7. Mellstrom


      lol, free speech is a thing, take this to pms instead of having it cluttering the main page.

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Something wrong @Mellstrom🙂

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