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  1. I would advise researching the main protagonist from Far Cry 5 and doing research on The Peoples Temple. (The religious group responsible for the Jonestown Massacre/Mass Suicide) and look into how a cultist leader or religious zealot persuades thier followers. To make this work, you should be well versed in the religion you're representing. You will be challenged by people who know the faith. Another piece of advise, religious cult leaders are very good at talking to people and manipulation. Read up on this. One popular method is how an abusive boy friend talks to his victim. You need to offer a person a chance to correct themselves by YOUR method. Not thier own. Point out flaws in thier ideas and strategies and how YOU can correct them and why your way is the correct one. Every way you talk has to be how YOU will solve thier problems and how they are mistaken or wrong, but it's ok. You will help them. Your tone should be strong and caring and supportive. Be thier rock in the storm. Show no fear. And know every line. This will be very difficult to RP with being blunt and straight forward because you wont be able to read emotions or body language. So do charitable things. Win the hearts of the people. Even religious cults did charity work. Win their hearts, access thier minds, own thier spirits. Teach discipline and doctrine and drill it into thier minds and not be afraid to punish the wicked publicly even if they were faithful servents. Most of all, SET THE EXAMPLE! Be what you want to see from your followers. Sorry if this strayed away what you're after but sometimes I cant stop when I get started.
  2. Saw your place today and cooked food with y'all. Had a great time despite being the only guest at the time but none the less, it was fun seeing such a realistic base. What a great oppertunity to have been there. Thanks for the RP and having me there. Looking forward to more visits! It was cool meeting John Smith in person today. Great talking to him and see the patience y'all have with people. Rare! Keep it up y'all!
  3. He sighs and nods "Yep. Crucified and set on fire while still alive by Anarchy. Despicable people. So if I come up North on my next big adventure, you will ACTUALLY be there and not avoid me like you did in Lokow, Geraltow, and the Radio Tower?" He dumps the bucket of water on his head
  4. He picks the radio "If that's the REAL Buck, ask him what happened to his grandpa and what was I doing when I first met him? Then tell me the answer. We both know what happened to his grandpa. And I am speaking the truth. Have you known me to be a liar? If you actually want to meet in person, I can't go North often because i run the Polana Donation Station. It gets busy being a one man show. You can find me there most of the time. If you don't want to meet that far south then so be it. Glad you came out of the shade finally. Now grow some thorns dammit!" Drops his radio in his water bucket
  5. He spits out water he was drinking and laughed "Bullshit! No way Buck is alive! He went to France! How in the Fuck is he back? I don't believe you. He has nothing to come back to. He abandoned us! And I'm speaking the truth. I don't know who wrote those notes." He trips over a back pack and stumbles a bit
  6. James looked up at the plywood roof and thought for a moment "Yep... No wait.... I also left notes trying to encourage King's Ridge to reopen the hospital. I didn't write the notes you are referring to. Not sure who wrote those." He walks over to a lot and sits down
  7. James presses down on the PTT as he hears a familiar voice "Looks like the Thorn-less Rose realised he grows stronger in the sun than the shade. And if you want to talk then we can, you have my radio frequency. We can talk there. And what notes are you talking about? The only Notes I have left are advertising about the Donation Station in Polana. You referring to those?" He sits there in his Donations Shed holding his radio
  8. *James would press down on the PTT and reply to the broadcast* "Hey! That's great! Another place to visit and meet new folks! I hope to be dropping by sometime soon. If I can figure out where I am. James, out." *He was about to holster his radio until Bob, the bear, would come roaring out of the trees and back hand him off his feet and onto the ground where he would loose his radio as it slid down a hill and into the river*
  9. America


    Best of luck y'all! Have fun out there!
  10. Congrats y'all! And thanks for the help and hot box last night! Appreciate it! Keep up the RP!
  11. This could add some individuality to PMCs
  12. A big zombie attack on Soup Kitchen would be cool! Or increased chopper crashes to get people to go out looking might be cool too. Just some ideas
  13. This honestly remind me of the New Hope Foundation. Great times. I wish y'all the best on this adventure guys! Good luck!
  14. OMG I haven't been this tricked in a decade! LOL!! Well joke's on you you, I love this song!
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