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  1. Since you suggested the weapon, would you please find a working Mod that has it already made?
  2. America


    I don't see it promoting anything. And by that logic, they will be going out to find stuff and thus you can RP with them. Why do bandits rob people? For gear. Why does my method of playing the game matter to you? For the record, I dont have 10 cabinets.
  3. America


    I'm a Merchant so I store stuff to sell. I'm trying to get trade going but each time I see someone set up shop, its raided in days and that trade RP is gone because they become a target. And people don't normally like to be on guard duty. Plus the people that usually own shops or store stuff for trade are heavily out numbered by the groups wanting to steal from the shop or they are offline raided. If say 503 or King's Ridge had a shop at the prison or Toplin under constant protection and was open to the public, I'd be there in seconds to work there. Not to mention, when I was staff, we discussed this and no one in staff wants to keep track of everyone's cabinets. And since items are unlimited, I fail to see why this is an issue. I say server lag is due to a lot of unmanned bases that havent despawned yet. I'm willing to self regulate though and i encourage others to as well. But still, I say don't worry about it. Leave it as is. Don't restrict how I play.
  4. No!!! Say it's not so?! NOOOO!!!!! Well with that information, I believe there is no need to continue this thread. Thank y'all for participating and bringing a lot of incital information and constructive critisism and support. Hopefully the rifle will be fixed soon and we can get some more NATO weapons to spice things up a bit. Staff, please go ahead and close the thread.
  5. For soldiers, the stars are always forward on the right arm to show our military is never in retreat. Very beautiful! I love it! What if the stars were on the fore-grip and the stripes on the butt-stock? How would that look? Also, the 1911 in Stainless Steel with an American Eagle on the grips. The Winchester Lever action! Americanize that classic! Seriously though, send these skins for the Dev Team or @Rolandto add them in! PLEASE!!!
  6. Beautiful work! I hope these skins are added to the server. Any American skins for the M4s and such? What about the Mosin Nagant?
  7. I'm going to practice this at work. Oh boy. And I thought Spanish was hard. Thanks for the guide y'all.
  8. @Roland the votes are in. Will you please bring back the Rifle? As a regular spawning weapon? (The sooner people find it to test it the better) If it's still broken then, darn it.
  9. Oh, ok I get it now! So a great counter to this issue is to have people carry the weapons they plan to use. And back on topic, I want to see people build more elaborate cool looking bases. There are people fond of building so I'm all for that. Which is why I supported other base building options like cosmetic stuff too. People shouldn't build a thousand gates to protect stuff but at the same time, people should be able to build their own cabin in the woods or modify a store to make it a shopping center!
  10. I'm confused because a Staff member told me that items are not unlimited but I recall Roland stating that all items are unlimited but the chances of them spawning are rare, say the M-417 as an example. So I want to confirm, is there and unlimited amount of all items in the servers? And if not, explain it please in terms that someone who is not tech savvy can understand. This isn't an urgent request, when y'all have the time. REPLY: That is fast, thank you Para! @Ducky What about changing the loot cycle so items in play made/found storage does not affect the loot cycle so M4s keep spawning? REPLY 2: As always, thank y'all for the help and replies and in such a rapid amount of time. Keep up the great work Staff!
  11. I'm for bringing it back. People need to be able to build what they want, when they want, where they want and not rely on pre-fabs. Plus, I still don't see the issue of people hoarding stuff. Especially when everything is unlimited.
  12. It was an absolute BLAST walking 7 hours to Soup Kitchen to FINALLY find the rifle my friend has been dreaming about for a week! And to top it all off, a Knight with a car walks up to us the most awesome of British accents and says, "Greetings travelers! Would you like a ride back home in my shiny black Mafia car?!" My hear fluttered at the sight of such chivalry and he drove me and my friend back home. What took us 7 hours only took 15 minutes because he said, "This is the Car of Soup Kitchen!" Thanks for keeping food and gear and weapons stocked up! It was worth the 7 hours to reach y'all. Keep up the RP y'all!
  13. Honestly, all camo patterns in a Capri style would be great! BDU, Cherno Camo, Livonian LDF, you name it. Even an officer's uniform too.
  14. Looks amazing! I'd love to see more work on different guns. You have a real talent for it! Keep up the good work!
  15. Like most of us agree, there needs to be more NATO weapons
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