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  1. [ Before I went on my break ] Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 8 What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: Interacting with Lore groups and hanging out with friends. As well as hearing stories and participating in events. Learning about the deaths of characters and conflicts going on in the world in game. Gossip. Trading and going on scavenging runs to find weapons, food, medical supplies, and many other things that are important for survival or just life improving. Seeing communities in action and not just looking at a wall and a man in a tower telling you to fuck off. Reason(s): The Lore groups were my over-all favorite part of the community. I enjoyed meeting them and hanging out in the towns they occupied and seeing people interact with each other. Even when things got hostile, it was fun to witness this is action. I'm also a big fan of scavenging and looking for stuff. It's a lot of fun to find new stuff. Even if I just give it away. I like to see trading and see shops open and stay open. A reliable place of trade. What could help improve your DayZRP experience: Adding more mods that bring items in, like different foods, back packs, tools for survival, new guns, and fun RP items. Being a part of a group that openly communicates with each other and comes up with ideas. Seeing base building removed. Seeing traders or a town so strong and protected that people can openly trade and live in. Lore Masters, need to be more involved in the community and need to spill the beans on where they intend for this Lore to go. If they have no intentions on holding a leash, then let the Lore Groups do as they wish. Reason(s): There needs to be more community in this world with a Lore that says society has NOT broken down. What the RF had was awesome! What S-GRU did with the constant movement and intervention was also great! I enjoyed knowing that we had some powerful group that weren't straight up Gear focused bandits that were out there enforcing order. The RF had a town that allowed trade and people to live in it. That scene where I saw the Police marching towards the RAC base in Berizino in a formation, with a truck, and sirens or horns going off, while they were dressed in uniform is something I will never forget. It was the day of the "Protest". How could this be implemented: More open communication with the community. Bringing back the RF or at least the police. Selecting better players to lead the groups. Adding the Mods people desire and vote majority in favor of. Any further comments: Roland needs to listen to the community. I understand that it's his server and he does what he wants with his server but coming from a person that has paid money into the server, I believe our voice should be heard. We didn't want Base Building and yet here it is. We asked for the zombies to not be so buffed up and yet he did so anyway. Popular Mods were removed despite the community not wanting them removed. I understand he has his reasons for removing certain mods, and he has been communicating the reasons behind it but he has ignored the community on other matters and that needs to end. REMOVE BASE BUILDING. Additionally, after learning about the Drama that went on before the Lore Groups were made and the Drama that unfolded that led to the fall of the RF, that should have been MAJOR RED flag to the Staff Team that perhaps these players are not the right people to be leading Lore groups or being part of a Lore Group. All but one leader of the original 3 Lore Groups has quit their own Lore Group. Better consideration needs to have been made on who leads the Lore Groups, why, and where they plan to take the group and see if it coincides with the narrative that the Lore Masters have set forth or desire it to go. In other words, Lore Group leaders should think like a Chess Player, always two or three moves ahead. Despite all this, I still love it here but I need a break. I need to do soul searching as well. I have been pondering these things for weeks on end and have held my tongue in concern of the feelings of the Staff Team and Owner. But for the last week and a half, I have decided to just say what I want because I'm done with being quiet.
  2. Congrats guys! Get out there and make an impact! Good luck!
  3. Ok. Thanks for elaborating. Much obliged
  4. I don't understand what this means. Could you please elaborate on the sentence I highlighted?
  5. I have been thinking about this while on my break, and I'd like to see the views of others on this. Should there be a do-over/restart of the entire server? Why do this? Well, I can think of a few reason why we should: The RF or Police can return with an active player base that will be better selected instead of archiving after about 2 weeks The lessons learned from this Lore Restart can be utilized to make the new restart better Lore Factions will have more prevalent impact Now then, what would a new Lore Restart look like this time? Well, this is my opinion, but here are what I have in mind: (not all of them but some) Remove base building Wipe the server Keep current characters Revive dead characters Start new stories Bring back the Police & RF Reinstate the RAC at their base as well as RF Let CLF do their thing Be more strict with group approvals Be more strict with character approvals (enough of these 10 foreigners to 1 native) Add some new mods that work Deer Isle will have a more major role I understand there are some negative repercussions to doing this. But you take what you have learned to make the next go around even better. This will affect groups greatly but a little bit of editing can fix that. The Lore Masters will not have redo the Lore. And the Lore Masters can work with the Lore Groups more closely and help set direction they want the Lore to go. If there is a disagreement then it can be openly discussed. I'm not very good at explaining my thoughts so here is an analogy that might help: we aren't putting your throwing your Lego's away. We are cleaning up the broken ones and putting them back in the container to be used again.
  6. In my opinion, the RP was going well until RF archived and then the Police did too.
  7. Sounds amazing! Too bad I have work and can't attend. I hope there is a lot of recordings so I can see what is purchased and traded. That would be great to see some community pictures and videos so people can see the RP that goes on.
  8. Is there an increased presence of the infected? (like in the last lore)
  9. I thought it would be a great idea. I have seen it in other group's Discords but after seeing what other players and Staff has said and explained what happened the last time there was a meme channel, and after consulting with my cat, that's a big... NO
  10. Damn Texas heat has me sweating from my eyes now. Oh the feels. So strong.
  11. Link to the situation: A few he knows of Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Not saying the other Admins are not participating but It's a God-send to see you put the hammer down on some of these pessimistic threads that bring nothing but negative light to the server with out offering solutions. New players need to see ideas, solutions, constructive critisism and action. Most of all, they do NOT need to see a bunch of negative threads. This could discourage them from playing. It's great to see Constructive Threads strive with great discussions and solutions with the overwhelming support of the active Admin Team. Especially one that takes time out of being a family man, working man, an Admin, and running a Lore Group. Even finds the time to lift Thor's Hammer and end the pessimism with one swing. Bravo! Suggestions for improvement: None needed. Fortsett å gjøre en god jobb (Keep doing a good job) Google translate
  12. Absolutely! Raiding bases should be strictly about the RP. Not because loot whores want to steal loot. How can we enforce this? We can't and it would be pointless to do so because it would be directing other player's RP. This is coming from a Gear-RP'er. Stealing stuff is about survival. I'm starving and I have an axe. I see a wooden door. I smash wooden door and gulp down your food and water. I see gun, I take gun and what I need to survive and leave. Not trash the place and leave stuff to de-spawn. That's EVIL! I'd rather people use what they stole. Not toss it away. That's unrealistic and wasteful.
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