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  1. Some constructive criticism for y'all to build off: my friends and I went to hang out in the town and the RP was great and the restaurant owner was awesome! BUT your Quartermaster needs some help or assistance because there were people waiting for 15-30 min to get weapons just to leave or to enter. I understand the need to keep the perimeter secure but when you have people moving in and out and visiting and you leave the Quartermaster in charge of dealing with inside interaction when he is not available, I would suggest having more people available to assist him. I'd like to move into the town and live there and wanted to fill out the application to do so but since the quartermaster wasn't there and my friends needed to leave, as well as others, we ended up having to leave when a soldier managed to get inside hand weapons back. So we will try again tomorrow to meet the Quartermaster so we can get the process rolling on moving in. Don't take this too harshly. I did enjoy being there and I plan to come by more often. Y'all have the RP down and the security is pretty good too. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. Beautiful work! I love this artwork! Keep it up! I look forward to more.
  3. Great interaction with y'all! Loved the tour and the method of getting in and talking to people. Very entertaining and very well done. Fantastic RP. Bravo!
  4. I'm fine with this so long as the people build the road block or are using a pre-existing road block, like the random ones in towns, are used and it's not just some car on one lane and people lined up on the sides of the road with guns drawn. I want to see effort into BLOCKING the road and not some half-A** attempt just to steal the car. Or another horrible road block I remember was a semi suddenly doing a quick turn right before a car passes them, endangering the lives of the driver and passenger and damaging the car they wanted to steal. I'm fine with road blocks but I want to see strong, well planned, calculated ones that make sense. The new rules would be fine, except for #2 because there is no way you can determine speed that well. Like you said though, give people time to react. I'm a slow reader so it will take a few seconds to read, listen, make a judgement call, then commit to that action.
  5. MY friend can't even talk in game because of the serious lag. Even my computer is fairly strong and it struggles in cities. Other than that, it's pretty good.
  6. Once again, you never cease to amaze and entertain. Beautiful work @Jackfish
  7. The propaganda pictures are just F***ing beautiful. I can not praise this enough. Keep it up!
  8. Go in small towns and camping grounds. A lot of people share the same ideas as you do so try to avoid the popular areas. Trust me, people go there too. We are so used to how things were a few months ago that we have forgotten how should be with full and populated servers.
  9. Great meeting y'all! Loved the interaction and the relaxed nature. Not what I was expecting. Keep up the good work!
  10. Name: Taylor, Felix Location: [REDACTED] Occupation: World Health Organization Position: Field Pathologist Expertise: Study of Viral effects on humans Duties: Study the effects of the viral outbreak that has swept across eastern Europe and conduct experiments on "deceased" subjects. Begin experiments on living subjects and record results for study. Bio: Dr. Taylor was born in Salem, [REDACTED] to a paternal mother and father. Although his father would die at 10 years old to AIDS due to having an affair with a prostitute, young Felix would acquire a fascination for diseases and illnesses. He excelled in his studies at his grade school and even received a degree in Biology at [REDACTED] and would receive his Medical Doctrine at [REDACTED] making top marks. He had a special job waiting for him at a research lab in [REDACTED] where he helped advance the treatments for horrific diseases. He was a man destined for a bright and prosperous future. His mother unfortunately passed away from pneumonia and this devastated the young adult Felix greatly. He became work obsessed and for weeks he would never leave his office or the lab. One night, to the horror of the morning staff, the office janitor went missing but was later found dead in a gutter 5 miles away only a week since he went missing. Felix was immediately the prime suspect due to him being the last one at the lab. Oddly enough, the cameras failed to function properly that night and with no witnesses and or proper evidence, he was acquitted and released. The victim was said to have been cut open and contracted a strange new form of pneumonia that had a very rapid gestation period of days. According to the autopsy report, he was never given a sedative or tranquilizer. There were evidence of restraints on the wrists and ankles and head and torso. And needle pricks on the neck over a vital vain. After some many years, Felix became a member of the W.H.O. and traveled across the globe to study the effects of diseases. From Africa to Asia. But when word of a mysterious outbreak sprung in the country of Turkey was heard, Felix was on the first flight into the country. He went with a team of Pathologists and other scientists and met with a Turkish Military officer with a squad of UN Peace Keepers. He became obsessed with the disease and studied it heavily. After so many weeks of researching, when each new wave of the outbreak occurred he became more, in his words, "in love" with this new disease. He was given orders to pull out but he refused. None of his Team ever returned back to HQ or even left the country. The plane never even took off the runway. Last known transmission from the team has been recorded and captioned: Radio static then sounds of frantic breathing and panting. A woman's voice is heard "This is Dr-... static... with the World Health Organization... oh... noooo.... Steven! Dr. Taylor has gone mad! The.... the team is dead or joined the infected! He's been conducting experiments on..... living subjects.... he says it's to create the "cure" for the ultimate disease.... that crazy son of a.... static.... he's lost it! I don't know what happened but.... Doctor... Felix please! FELI-" The screams of woman can be heard but become more distant and then the sound of a door slamming shut is heard before silence Dr. Felix Taylor is to return to [REDACTED] immediately for his malpractice and violation of the Geneva Convection, Human Rights violations, and violation of the W.H.O. Code of Ethics. As well as Crimes Against Medicine and Science. Last known location of Dr. Taylor was the capital Istanbul, Turkey. He no longer has clearance with the W.H.O. or any affiliated medical organization. His position in the agency has been terminated. A warrant for his detainment has been authorized by the United Nations Security Council and INTERPOL. This man is considered very dangerous
  11. I chose Chernarus because i got my fill of Livonia. Its a great map but its time to try my hand at this great lore that Chernarus has. Livonia will make a come back. Just give it time...
  12. I am seriously looking forward to this new style of Nationalism and seeing these goals in action. Can't wait!
  13. Beautiful work comrades! I look forward to meeting y'all!
  14. Wow this looks so good! I can't wait to RP with y'all! Good luck out there!
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