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  1. Padlock


    This is the kind of role-play I love on this server, keep up the good run lads.
  2. Additional head item for those not wanting a eye patch piratey look, or want to role with a freshly wounded eye/face.
  3. Newly spawned characters should have a small knife, like a steak or kitchen knife, when they enter that map for various reasons. Having a small weapon to be able to fight of zombies as well as an item that could allow you to kill off a character should the wrong character model be given. This would avoid many players from needing to run around for up to an hour trying to find something to kill their characters.
  4. Padlock

    Make S2 Chernarus?

    I completely agree with this, as interesting as the new deer island map is, it would be more beneficial to make s2 the standard map promoting more use of it. Making the s2 also it's own hive would completely remove any worry about ghosting issues arising.
  5. Padlock

    Your most memorable moments

    Basically this, I still remember the entire role-play vividly. Pretty much the only role-play I've had on this server that had that lasting of the effect. 15/10 would love to find myself in more situations like this at some point down the road.
  6. @Realize You can go ahead and close this report, I'm no longer interested in pushing this report. I'd still would like to speak with the accused about the report if he's up for it.
  7. First of all the only time I was shooting was at the Infected that were spawned inside the prison, by listening to the video you could hear them making noises (Even you state that you are not sure who was shooting, Always Confirm your Targets.) Sir I'm not trying to hide behind a rule, I'm just a person that got killed in a situation where I shouldn't have been killed. I never got initiated on as you can hear from the video + and the confusion by our side(audio clip), what ever Isaac Lineheart did was his own actions and his own consequences, As you see we're not part of a group so I'm not responsible for his actions. Plus me mentioning I'm Dead, It was already acknowledged by Nick Wilde to the other ally alive, so it's not really relevant information, as I don't give anything else out.
  8. Server and location: S1, Prison Island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-10-14, 22:00 Your in game name: Daniel Graves Names of allies involved: @isaac lineheart @Nick Wilde Name of suspect/s: Anarchy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a recording but unfortunately the video portion was corrupted. (I'll do my best to pin point whose voice belongs to whom if needed) https://plays.tv/video/5da4fba7ee7df2d03c/idk Detailed description of the events: My POV to attempt to fill in the lack of visual evidence. Hearing lots of gunfire on the island I sound the alarm and get a few of the boys to back me up as we watched from the tower, Spotted two unknowns running into the far corner of the island behind the military barracks' before more gunfire rang out. Not so long later three more unknowns showed up on the shore to our island and began killing a large horde of zombies (They had to have been spawned in, as only prisoner zombies show up on the island, and we had a whole horde of them earlier along with our home being filled with wolves.) They eventually made it to the door and claimed that they were their to "Save" us and that they were responding to a radio broadcast (Which we never sent, but another one was sent by an admin claiming that the Prison had fallen to the zombies or some such). As usual we didn't allow them inside and got prepared for what we assumed would be yet another siege on our home (three times in less that 4 days). While we were getting prepared more zombies were spawned inside the prison, and one of the unknowns some how knew our lock code and opened the first door of the airlock. I was on top of the catwalk watching over it before being killed (Without Initiation because you can't hear from that far away, I was just on overwatch.) End of POV It was a mess of a situation, massive hordes being spawned on and inside the prison walls, along with wolves earlier and being siege'd yet again. Additionally I would like to point out again that I feel not only this was a invalid kill, more so that the enemy party (Assuming if it was anarchy) is breaking the fair play rule by consistently sieging the island near daily. Additional Additionally, I'll be happy to correct any mistakes made in my original POV, provided evidence that I was incorrect in my previous assessment.
  9. I have to agree on this, making the zombies more tough to fight and roam around more could bring more interesting scenarios to the server, and possibly PVE groups.
  10. @Realize Already posted my POV
  11. Posting my POV since I was one of the Quarantined boys After making my way back to the island I met up with some of the Federation boys, they informed me of the ongoing situation at the admin building on prison island. After awhile of role-playing with them one of my friends made the swim to the island, me, Wbtrex (Lev Yelagin) and another federation member went down to meet him on the shoreline, we gave him a rifle so he could defend himself as we took him back to the prison. barely half-way up the hill someone came out of the bushes and gunned down the one federation guy and my group member (Isaac Lineheart) without initiation on Isaac as he just arrived he had nothing to do with the current situation. Shortly afterwards another guy came from the shore and opened fire (once again without initiation) before flanking and killing him. After that me and Lev fell back to the prison and held up and waited the situation out. I'd like to also mention I never heard a single initiation from any of the enemy group. (But I was down on the shoreline for awhile so I may have not heard it) also neither me or Isaac were wearing white armbands or armbands in general. Additionally, Isaac had absolutely no intention of getting involved with the situation and just wanted to get back to the prison and log for the night.
  12. Server and Location: Server 1, Prison Island Time and Date: About 2019-10-13, 01:08? In-game Name: Daniel Graves Names of Allies Involved: None that were nearby. Name of Suspects: No idea. Additional Evidence: None POV: Was wandering around inside the prison on the prison island when I turned a corner and was immediately knocked unconscious and dieing shortly after. I do know there where a few people on the outside of the gates but there shouldn't have been a way for them to do anything, all in all I'm just curious to how I died, and would like to report it if it turns out to be a KOS. Apologies for the rather limited POV.
  13. Born and bred in Dayton, Ohio, Owen was raised in and around his father's motorcyle club, the Outcasts. In his youth Owen was a trouble maker, always starting fights with the other children, sneaking out of class to smoke in the bathroom or just not showing up for school in general. Owen was in and out of juvie most his childhood before dropping out of school entirely when he was 15 and getting himself a GED. Afterwards he would work in the mechanic shop that his father owned. Though this never kept him out of trouble, though his crimes became more severe as he got older. After his last criminal offense Owen found himself being tried as an adult for assault, though his father, who was friendly with the judge that presided over his trial, convinced the judge to go another route and offer military service as a way out of prison time, serve in the army like his father before him. After a few weeks in and out of the courts the judge came to a conclusion, the only way for owen to remain out of prison is if he were to serve in the United States Armed Forces, Four years of military service or 5-10 years in prison. Needless to say Owen took the deal and found himself shipped off the boot within the next week. During his time in the military he managed to continue getting into trouble with his authority issues, finding himself repremanded more than once and even spent a few weeks in the stockade after a particularly heated argument with a NCO ending with Owen punching out the NCO's front teeth. The rest of his time in the army when along for better or worse before was eventually discharged once his time was up. Afterwards he joined back up with his father's motorcycle club as a member, his bike adorned with the american flag and other military decorations, though he still resented the government. During his time in the club he ran multiple trips across the country selling, buying and trading guns, drugs and a few actually legal items, before the club got a line on a deal for a large stockpile of old soviet weaponry for sale. Owen's father sent him to Russia to handle the deal and take a few of the boys with him.
  14. I rather like the last ones as options as well, would do great with a biker styled character. Any of the above would be amazing additions.
  15. Feature: Addition of fingerless variants of the Tactical Gloves, and perhaps the combat gloves Reason: From what I've seen Tactical and Combat gloves seem to be the most popular variants of gloves to wear, and the addition of a fingerless variant of them would add increased options.
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