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  1. I'm not able to log into s2 Livonia due to it kicking me off each time for my character name not existing, though I have everything spelt the same as it is on the website. I've tried restarting the game, steam and my rig. Redoing the names on everything even changing my character's location to chernarus and back to see if that would fix the issue to no luck.
  2. Born and bred in a rural stretch of West Virginia, William Burke was born into a dysfunctional family being the eldest of six children to an absentee mother and abusive father. Burke spent most of his childhood hunting and poaching the forests around his home, and on occasions finding the time to attend school. While in school Burke was always finding himself in a fight with another student over the smallest of things, and making just passing grades when he did attend. When Burke wasn’t out hunting, or at school, he spent the remainder of his time with a small collection of other troublemakers. By the time Burke reached his teenage years he had a rather hefty criminal record under his belt, though mostly petty crimes such as vandalism and shoplifting. It was at this point in his life that Burke was well acquainted with the local sheriff who had to on multiple occasions pick Burke up for his various crimes and other offences. Needless to say Burke had something of an authority issue due to his abusive father, and the local sheriff hounding him anytime they crossed paths whether or not Burke had actually done something. Each time Burke got picked up for a crime, his father had to come down and get him the beatings got worse and this continued for years until Burke was 17. To escape the beatings and the hounding of the sheriff Burke decided to enlist into the military, though Burke’s authority issue didn’t subside while in the service. Burke was reprimanded and even spent a few days in the stockades for fighting. Otherwise Burke flourished in the military, he was a natural soldier, getting a few tours under his belt and even earned himself some metals. Though with his attitude issues towards authority Burke didn’t rise through the ranks quickly, and after his time was up he was discharged. After his discharge Burke returned back home to rural West Virginia, finding that even though he was gone for years nothing changed. The day he came home the sheriff began to hound him once more, and his father had become an alcoholic as the rest of his siblings had left home as well. A few years after his discharge Burke fell back into his old routines. Burke even tried marriage a few times. Had a few kids that now he had to pay child support for and also deal with his father’s antics It wasn’t long though before Burke finally had enough of his father, and one day they found Burke’s father dead in the woods a few miles from his home. Burke himself was already gone, signed up to a PMC that had a reputation to hire anyone without question. Burke found himself doing various odd jobs for shady politicians and businessmen throughout the world, doing work in South America, Africa, and even some smaller dealings in Russia. Though the locations changed the job stayed fairly the same, protect the VIPs. It was his last job that had Burke knee deep. He had to head to some backwater country he couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of, and protect some scientist who wanted to study an ongoing outbreak that just sprang up in the country. Burke did his job, more or less, with a few other guys from the PMC they were hired from. But it wasn’t long before the outbreak of the infection got out of control and shit really hit the fan for him and his crew. Burke hightailed it with his men, and begrudgingly the VIP he was tasked with and held up in some old abandoned radio station, while he gave thought to his next course of action. It was this thought that gave birth to the idea of starting his own company, Burke having grown tired of the PMC he had been working for. Burke ran the idea across his men and they agreed, just before Burke turned around and shot the VIP, having gotten sick to death of hearing the man complain, leaving him to bleed out from a gut shot before Burke and his crew went out to cash in on the situation. Now Burke and what men he mustered together roam the area and do odd jobs for cash, or simply just take what they want by force.
  3. Having an option to retire a character no longer in use would be nice, maybe have something that makes them unable to come out of retirement for a set amount of time on cooldown? Just a thought. Would be like selecting wounded or dead options.
  4. I think it'd be pretty interesting to have a sawed off variant of the repeater that can be holstered on the hip with the pistol holster, or perhaps a custom holster just for it.
  5. I think the addition lore items would promote some more unique role-play. Like finding notes on the various diseases in the areas, to the progression of the infection in the human body. Or even other things like journals and notes of former residents.
  6. Name: Engel, Max Age: 41 Location: [REDACTED] Occupation: World Health Organization Position: Field Pathologist Expertise: Study of Viral effects on humans and Research on Vaccines Duties: Study the effects of the viral outbreak that has swept across eastern Europe and conduct experiments on "deceased" subjects. Use live subjects to test for possible vaccines. Max Engel was a boy who was born in [REDACTED] to the most kindest of parents. They loved him deeply. Unfortionately, a horrific car accident left him the only survivor and with no living kin to take him in, he was orphaned. He fell in love with medical journals and pathology while living at the orphanage. Often wanting to help the other sick children and care for them as they lay in bed ill and helpless. He pitied children. "So weak and helpless. So much energy is burned to care for them. If there was a way for humans to be born with the strength to protect themselves from all those diseases so they can grow strong," he wrote in his memoirs. When Max was 18, he used the inheritance and Insurance money to pay for University at [REDACTED] and recieved top marks. He continued on to [REDACTED] where he got his Medical Doctrine. Dr. Engel carried on with his obsessive research into "potential cures" for many common illnesses like influenza and the common cold. He opened up a clinic with his wealth and offered free medical care to the poor and homeless. But his time as a free clinic was short lived. Multiple complaints of horrific experiments were revealed and even the screams of people suffering were sometimes heard at night. "Did you not just step passed the poor man as he begs on the road? Why would one care now?" He's written in his journals. To escape possible prosecution, Dr. Engel left his home country of [REDACTED] and joined the WHO. There he was part of a medical team of Field Pathologists sent to the small country of Chernarus to study the effects of a dangerous disease that seemed to bring the dead back to life. He was to try and find a vaccine for this new pathogen. We have an audio recording found in [REDACTED] of Dr. Engel's expressing his inner thoughts. The following recording has been documented and captioned: The sounds of a muffled man screaming and struggling against leather straps is heard in the background as a man speaks "Humans are indeed weak creatures. We are not destined to rule this world if so much as a microscopic organism can kill us in days or weeks. But I believe I have the cure for ALL of this. To end the conflict between singular cell organisms and multi-cellular organisms. I am very close... oh so... very.... close..." The screaming changes to gargled cries and pleas for an end before the recording cuts out Dr. Max Engel is to return to [REDACTED] immediately for his malpractice and violation of the Geneva Convection and Human Rights violations. As well as Crimes Against Medicine and Science. Last known location of Dr. Engel was the capital Severograd in Chernarus. A warrant for his detainment has been authorized by the United Nations Security Council and INTERPOL. This man is to be avoided and not interacted with at all. He is considered to be very dangerous.
  7. How does the infection spread? or are the player characters the few percentage that have become immune? I couldn't find anything on it in the lore, and would like to know for a possible character concept I'm working on.
  8. Is it considered to be bad RP if you cannot do an accent for a character perfectly?
  9. Me and a friend of mine where wanting to put together a couple of characters, but are unsure if the concept would be allowed. The basic idea is characters on a time limit, infected by a disease (Such as a flesh eating virus). While thinking of this concept the topic was brought up that if these characters where doomed to die from this disease, would they still have to be afraid of death/feel pain? I would even be up for the idea of making them KOSable, or PK them if killed. Just thought it was an interesting idea, would like to know if this would be possible to do.
  10. Handguns are practically useless right now, they take two to three shots to kill one zombie, which I find highly unrealistic and are completely useless against other players in a PvP situation. I don't want them to turned to god tier weapons, but bumping their damage would be a welcomed improvement.
  11. David J. Shepherd is 4th generation military, his father served in the Navy as a well decorated admiral. His Grandfather was a Marine Captain during the Korean War, both serving various tours throughout their military careers. Shepherd was brought up in a strict family life and pushed to succeed like his family before him. Raised in a small rural town Shepherd spent most of his childhood following in his father, and grandfather's footsteps. Shepherd moved around frequently in his childhood, going from military base to military base to wherever in the world his father was stationed. He saw many states, and even countries, in his travels and managed to get high grades despite the almost constant relocating. Shepherd was a fairly good athlete while in school, playing in multiple football and baseball teams and even some wrestling while he attended various different schools. After his last year in highschool Shepherd enlisted right after graduation, joining the United States Marine Corps as a MOS 300, Infantryman Ist Battalion, 2nd Marines. During his first term in the Marines he also took college courses, and by the time he finished his first 4 years he managed to get himself a college degree. Soon after getting his first deployment in Afghanistan, and reaching the rank of Lance Corporal Shepherd then went to Marine Sniper school, getting the MOS 317 classification as well as being sent to serve with MARSOC 2nd Recon. Being sent back as part of a small sniper squad where he met a long-term friend of his. Serving out the rest of his enlistment before being discharged honorably from the Marines. Though this retirement didn’t last long, after a short break from the military Shepherd spent in his hometown with his family now that his father was retired. Re-Enlisting back in the Marines. Signing up for another stent in the Marines he used his college education to attend Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. Now an Officer in the Marines, Shepherd was redeployed back to Afghanistan, and even Iraq, on various missions. Throughout the years after Shepherd rose through the officer ranks and reaching the rank of Captain before getting his latest, and would be last, assignment. Livonia His mission was to be reconnaissance into the origin of the infection, while also evacuating high value assets to various evacuation points. The start of the mission went well enough, Shepherd and his unit, including his long-term friend and spotter, managed to find various documents on the Infection, and evacuated a few high value targets. It was during one evacuation that the VIP they had rescued had hidden the fact he was infected himself. Before anyone could react the target turned and attacked the pilot and forced the helo to crash land in a remote stretch of forest in Livonia. Shepherd and only two others of his unit had survived the crash, barely managing to pull themselves out of the wreckage and find their bearings. Locating a seemingly abandoned military installation hidden away his unit began to fortify. Unfortunately for them, the crash landing managed to make quite a bit of noise, drawing many of the infected onto their location. Effectively they were trapped inside the military installation and quickly ran dry in the little ammunition they had as well as the food storages of the outpost. Finally after three or so weeks they attempted to make their way out of the base, but ultimately failed in doing so. Shepherd was cut off from his unit as the infected surrounded them once again, one of the two remaining men in his unit was swarmed and killed. The other’s fate is still unknown to him as they got seperated and Shepherd was forced back into the military instillation. Holding up on the roof and slowly burning through his ammo as he cleared the infection out around him. Only to be forced to wait even more long, slow, weeks once his ammo cleared for the infected to clear out. Nearly starving to death by the time he was able to make his way from his position before heading out to continue his mission and re-establish contact with his command. Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful. ((If something is incorrect, please let me know so I can fix it.))
  12. Served four years in the United States Army as a combat engineer, working under the Army Corps of Engineers or USACE for short, Frankie served his time making it to the rank of Corporal before getting honorably discharged once his time in service as up. After getting out of the military Frankie went to work for his father's construction business, Doyle and Son's Construction Co. His father would pass away not long after his discharge and leave the family business to Frankie, who did his best to make sure the business flourished. Picking up some private contracts that spread his business across the seas which eventually landed him in Livonia helping to rebuild, renovate, and otherwise update the outdated buildings throughout the area.
  13. This is the kind of role-play I love on this server, keep up the good run lads.
  14. Additional head item for those not wanting a eye patch piratey look, or want to role with a freshly wounded eye/face.
  15. Newly spawned characters should have a small knife, like a steak or kitchen knife, when they enter that map for various reasons. Having a small weapon to be able to fight of zombies as well as an item that could allow you to kill off a character should the wrong character model be given. This would avoid many players from needing to run around for up to an hour trying to find something to kill their characters.
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