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  1. Does this Group have anything with the dayz humanitarian project on discord
  2. Dont get me wrong im lucky to not have been perma banned with the ban rules in place but I dont feel like it should be that way I believe it should have been less if it were the way that 27% of players would like
  3. No Need this is a poll for the community to vote on whether they agree or not no need to ban appeal
  4. I am saying not everyone should be treated equal when it comes to punishments in unique situations. It should be more looked in to and have less or more punishment depending on each individual punishment
  5. What I am saying is if everyone should be treated equally on ban times depending on each situation
  6. Have you ever gotten banned by a report on you where you accidently broke a rule without knowing(other than NLR because thats pinged by computer) I believe when you get banned it should be looked at differently every time because every situation is unique I dont believe people who are new or first offense should even get a ban for a rulebreak that was done on accident or following instinct now this depends on the situation. What im trying to say is that if you are new to the server or have first time offense for something that was purely because of the situation you shouldnt get banned their should be some sort of system like a maximum ban and minimum ban. You shouldnt get the same time as a ban as a (troll) or someone who has done it before because they already should have understood it after their first offense
  7. You shouldnt have to look in other places to understand rules they should rewrite the rules make them more understandable or maybe a video of what to do or what not to do. Its also not the fact that they dont understand they do is that they think they do and dont realize they dont fully undestand before getting banned for something they didnt think they did wrong. When that happens you lose many new players who want to play but get turned down by things like that. Kill rights is very important without kill rights it would be boring and overdone but pvp is super important because it adds a lot to the rp scenario. Like If your new you should be able to use kill rights and make it more understandable. For the people who say dont worry about kill rights( Then go play PVE RP server instead) All players in the community should be able to understand kill rights completely and use them for RP purposes.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: First They say I tried hiding evidence which is the video when i clearly wasnt it was on my twitch the whole time. The asked me if I had streamed it and I Thought I hadnt because that day I had streamed multiple times and stopped so didnt remember. Then when I Knocked out one of the guys his friends outside said they were coming to help and had guns pointed at me so I shot at them hitting one once. I would consider this initiating on me because he doesnt have to tell me put my hands up when they are already up. I did meta game after dieng but the information was things my teamate new and was in spanish Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My point of view was a very highstake situation where me and my teamate are outnumbered and quickly instead of using text rp I told the guy to take off his clothes to check for weapons. I have been in the community for one year and first offense i was told if i break even one more rule on accident I will be perm banned. It really seemed like a one sided argument What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get a much smaller ban or none at all What could you have done better?: I should have been talking in game at the same time as I was on radio which didnt realized was a rule change. and shouldnt have given teamate info after dieng(However it was in spanish so dont think it would have helped the other in any way)
  9. I understand your reasoning but I didnt remember streaming at that time period shown by my videos it had been cut in between i forgot i had started streaming again and why would I withold evidence that helps me?
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