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  1. Mark Shepard

    Staff Sergeant Mark Shepard served in the Iraq War of 2003, he lead Echo Patrol, A squad in the Special Air Service Regiment within the Australian Defence Force's special forces. His squad consisted of fellow members; Corporal Casey Winters, Specialist Mitchell Barro, Trooper Elias Learner, Lance-Corporal Barry Stewart, Trooper Stephanie Barkus, Sergeant Jack Burns. Echo Patrol served in Iraq for 7 Years and the squad had 329 confirmed kills throughout the entire war. In 2010 the Australian Defence Force started removing troops from the war and we were one of the first squads to leave. After the war we were granted long service leave and had a couple years to ourselves. Then in 2017 tensions between Russia and the United States grew and we were returned to active duty, originally we were sent in the province of Chernarus to assist UN forces in keeping the peace, stationing ourselves in Chernogorks, little did we know that something much worse was in the making.
  2. DayzRP Should Be For RolePlayers

    Its unreadable on tapatalk, plz no white Yes, No white please, very hard to read