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  1. Served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 4 years. Married to his childhood girlfriend Alexis Frye. They had a son soon after they were married. The illness took both from Chato. He left Montana soon after and chose not to fight in the war. When the lights went out he made his way to Alaska to find work and seclusion. He worked on a sail powered fishing vessel for a few years. He got off the boat in Kamchatka. He had heard of giant moose that were hard to hunt. Since that time he has been roaming throughout Russia and Eastern Eurpoe.
  2. Chato

    Hello All

    I am excited to become part of the DayZRp community if I am given that opportunity. I have been playing for a while and I have grown tired of fighting over a wool coat on the coast. I have watched streamers that have been quite involved with their characters. I like the idea of actually giving a crap about my character.
  3. Chato

    Interview With A Community Member: Phatal

    I can completely understand the thoughts on letting the internet get to you. I have made decisions within the Day Z realm that have cost me characters that are developed with a lot of time involved. The characters paid with their lives and I had to go back to the coast. I have tossed and turned due to my decision.
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