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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! While i have not been whitelisted yet, i hope i will eventually. However, my question is as follows; If you are being robbed by someone, and they are threatening your life, are you allowed, if able, to shoot them before they can rob you? Imagine you are casually strolling through the North West airfield, minding your own business, when three well-dressed gentlemen walks up behind you, points their guns at you, and yells at you to get the F*** down. Are you then allowed to disobey their orders, turn around, and pop a cap in them? Or does that count as RDM? Just curious! :-) Cheers, Gubi.
  2. gubi1807

    Successful DayZRP Epoch Base Raid

    That is some sick loot, man. Congratulations on the succesful base raid
  3. Hello guys! I was just wondering, if there is any Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 players out there? It would be fun to bash zombies with frying pans with you guys Anyways, have a great day, kind internetizens. Gubi.