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  1. Joseph" Atlas Thompson" Age: 28 Nationality: American. Height: 6'1 Weight 210lbs. When Joseph turned 17 he enlisted in the Army straight out of high school, he quickly excelled through BCT and AIT, after graduating he was given an offer or at least a chance to join the Army's Elite, The 75th Rangers. He took the test, passed with flying colors then immediately went to Ranger School. After the long and grueling mental and physical strain that he had to endure, he finally was given his Ranger Scroll, he felt this overwhelming sense of honor, duty, selflessness and pride. Shortly after entering the 1st Battalion 75th Rangers, he quickly proved himself as a leader amongst his fellow brothers, quickly achieving the rank of SSG. Six years 75th Rangers. Several combat deployments, classified raids and missions in countries he never thought he would be fighting in, but regardless of where or who, if they are effecting the way of peace and life in the world He will find them and he will make them pay for what they have done to the world. Hardened Soldier and pillar of strength within his team whilst in the Rangers battalion. Picked up PMC work after his time in the Army with a few friends he had made in his unit, For a while the contracts were just a simple walk in the park, nothing they couldn't handle or so they thought, The final contract sent then to an isolated area located around Chernarus and that's when everything changed...Atlas is a very disciplined and stern individual. He has excellent marksmen skills, good hand to hand combat, and he has excellent Land Navigation skills. Master of interrogation, one thing he truly specialized in, getting information ,his booming voice alone is enough to make the weak cower before him. Over the time he almost feels as if he is losing his humanity though, especially now that he is in this new land full of the dead, reanimated people. How did this happen? Did anyone from my squad make it? Does the US have any presence here? So far he hasn't interacted with many people at all to his knowledge because these walking dead is a whole new demon he hasn't interacted with until now. Who did this to these innocent people? Well I suppose its time to start finding actual people and start getting some answers out of them.. whether they want to speak or not.. they will give up something to me. Additional Info: Joseph holds his brothers and or people who have earned his trust very highly amongst the rest of the population. Cross him though, and he will make sure you never see the light of day again. He is a very straight and to the point type of person when need be, but he also tends to over analyze some situations, based on a few memories he has while overseas. Losing friends and brothers over the years has only hardened him to a degree to where he honestly feels like he is a empty shell, some moments spark up what life is cracked up to be but then shortly after anything good happens in this world evil tends to trend very closely behind.
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