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  2. Unpopular Top 5 Zombies Maps

    1. Shadows Of Evil (Bo3)

    2. Zombies in Spaceland (IW)

    3. Buried (Bo2)

    4. Der Eisendrache (Bo3) 

    5. Origins (Bo2/Bo3)

    1. Taffinator


      I'm dissapointed that "Livonia" wasn't on that list... 

  3. dang I understand there are a shit ton of mods which is why i explain this as a replacement and not an addition. but if the inhouse devs can make some nice lookin armor to replace the MSFC armor I'm all for it.. I'm just tired of looking at disproportionate armor and clipping
  4. Good meetin everyone at cherno today. Was really giving me some 320th vibes with all the crashing and what not. Thanks for coming and getting your weapons permits as well.
  5. Its not really about the addition its just that the current armor from MSFC is really bad. The plates clip through you body and the placement of radios and nades is not even there. As for lore it completely fits. Western PMC groups coming as well as Russian PMC groups that have used these types of plates before. As for the current military they could wear it too. Honestly if we cared about lore as much as we do in these suggestions then alot of other things would have not been added.
  6. @Blackfyre okay well I’ll tell staggs his western PMC group is wrong. Also the current Russian military group is spetsnaz and last time I checked they use western carriers. I might be wrong.
  7. I think you’re misunderstanding. It’s not an addition it’s a replacement. You should really try it in game before you make that assumption. Been using it in other RP servers and it takes nothing away from the RP. And if you really want more civilian variety. Sorry to say but you’re in the wrong country.
  8. Right so... MSFC is a great mod but the armor looks absolutely terrible. The guns were the major factor of the mod and since that crashes games i guess?? Why use it... its terrible looking. This mod is absolutely beautiful with nice backpacks... nice belts and polished armor.. and to add on some pretty cool camos on some existing items and some new... its an all around great mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1962144102 Wow look at that Amazing OOOOOOO Polished wow Neat and nice camo Look at that belt
  9. why you look like a rat

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      that’s flame

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      dont remember asking 

  10. Good meatin the best Chef in Novo once again
  11. hub groups be like :


     hub groups when they are forced to be part of the server again


  12. Blockwatch!!! Someone asked me if Im Police. Im Police. Lets go poggers
  13. Stepan was born in Samara Russia to a wealthy family. His father was a chief engineer at a known company in the region. He never had to worry about student loans or anything to do with Taxes. As his life was progressing his mother was killed during a Robbery at a nearby Bank. At the time of his mothers Death he was 18. at that age he joined the police academy to train to become a police officer in the city. He did this so that he could help anyone who was in need and so that no body ever had to go through the Greif that he did if he could help it. As his training progressed he graduated as an average student and was put into the force along with some other students from his class. One of those students being a Man named Olek. Them being the same age he found that they both had interests and became very good friends. They were both put into the same cadet program and had some of the same learnings making them both similar in their skills as a police officer. As time went on in 2009 an event called the Red Square bombing happened in which Olek and Stepan both visited such landmark on a trip on break. During the bombing Olek was killed. Stepan mourned the loss of his friend in Samara. As his career went on Stepan found him self at the opportunity of a promotion. He would move To Chernarus to help with the Infection and bring stability to the lands. As the 4th wave of Infections took into affect He later found him self at the frontier of an apocalypses. Something He had never seen before. He had to rely on his Nation and the military assistance as well as his own superiors.
  14. bangin

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      Damn right it is fam

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