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"whos that guy over there with the turkeymelt"

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  1. Blizna


    If you like Cheese Burgers but hate Burgers, are you classified as hating burgers?
  2. Blizna

    S1 – Metagaming and Invalid Kill/Ruleplay

    More evidence to show that @thicdickdaddy27was the one who was talking because of them linking “im dead” and “im taking shots” to the same person , that person being @thicdickdaddy27
  3. Blizna

    S1 – Metagaming and Invalid Kill/Ruleplay

    im pretty sure this is the clip hes talking about @thicdickdaddy27
  4. Blizna

    S1 – Metagaming and Invalid Kill/Ruleplay

    Alex POV : I went inside after a situation that occurred in another report and I was informed over the radio by @ImNovaaa that the Jackals were coming to deal with a situation regarding us. So i thought they had just wanted to talk about the situation since it was a mistake, i had no idea how the Jackals knew our names and how there friend died without even confirming the body. As well as coming in to the compound and just asking, are you this person and then just shooting us.
  5. Blizna

    S1 - KOS Wolfpack Base 2/12/2019

    Alex POV: I was locking up one of the tents when i heard a bullet crack on the wall above me, i thought nothing of it until a couple more bullets were heard near the prison. i would have thought nothing of this situation until @RiZ told me on the radio that there are kill rights on us because the wolf pack had engaged with someone in chernogorsk and one of the wolf pack members was killed. so i had thought maybe people from that group would have radio that the wolf pack was engaged with them and since everyone knows where our base was they would send people to kill us. when looking out from the top tower of the compound i could see @thicdickdaddy27 aiming into the compound and walking around from where the shots came from, because i had thought that this was the shooter i took three shots to kill him. After this incident me, @[email protected] tested out the path line that @thicdickdaddy27had provided us and we didnt hear the same thing that we heard from the base before when @thicdickdaddy27was shooting.
  6. Blizna

    What music describes your character

    did you say music
  7. Born in South London, lucky to have such an interactive father that would teach me about the worlds and its ongoings to keep me out of trouble and successful. stayed in South London for most of my teenage to adult life due to it being such a good community to be around and learn from. During my time in South London, I got involved in the many gangs and their activities. A gang I was apart of called ajax ( a hex) was looking to score big, there was a large weapon shipment heading to Spain so we Italy so we sought to capture such weapons. During such expedition, a mishap had occurred causing me to get lost at sea and some how wash up in Chernarus.
  8. Born in The city of Warsaw Poland , learned from my dad how to shoot at age 14 . I entered the police academy at age 19 and was with them for 3 years before leaving due to family . Moved to America for more expansive life I have lost most of my polish accent and can not put together most sentences as I have forgotten the language almost entirely as my family wanted to change to entirely English. I showed up on this Land from my adventures around the world to find my self but end up on shore of this place and wanted to explore this expansive place.
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