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  1. I feel as if right now how the warning points are seems fine. When people get warning points they get discouraged from playing in my opinion so making it by play time honestly would make it very hard for players to reach that goal. As well as wanting to just play it safe not wanting to catch a ban on like something minuscule like accidentally shooting someone with their hands up in the pinky toe with a .22 . But if you are on final warning obviously none of this applies and it’s a whole nother story . I also feel like players who take breaks after bans come back as better community members. With that Being said I voted for it to stay the same.
  2. confamulafazion3s rover on the red

  3. Hello Staff Team I am looking to make a thread or topic in which I or a community member posts reports where the discussed rule break was deemed as a grey area and not exactly stated in the current rule page. I am just wondering if this is something that you would like to see and where would i post such. thanks - Blisna
  4. Not trying to report lawyer or anything here .... but Ryan did say to Roland that this would be a cool idea for his website . Thank you your honor.
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      why not Im anymore?

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      Don’t worry about it cutie @TurkRP

  6. Yes i understand @JobScholten I have not got into game since being unbanned or will i until the decision is made, thank you for the heads up.
  7. Blisna

    Report War

    Reported for improper building of the slave fighting pits
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the verdict is not fair due to the fact that the home owners were not forced into initiation and chose to do so for what ever reason. I feel that this would not be considered baiting because for baiting it would incite initiation when in this situation initiation was not needed and the intruders could be murdered as soon as their feet hit the floor of the base after boosting in or as they were in the process of boosting. Something else i would like to add is this topic in which Roland explained exactly that kill rights are given from the exact thing that my people were doing making no sense as to why there would be a force initiation. please look at situation #2 and Rolands response to the situation. As well as the response that includes baiting rules and how if someone were to jump in the base and killed that wouldn’t grant rights to the group of the intruder making even more of a reason not initiate. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: while i have no new statements from my POV, if someone was initiated on for baiting would that make all other initiations after the first one caused from the Baiting considered part of the baiting initiation and make any kills or hits invalid? What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What i would like to achieve is the points removed and a possible revert to the character reset. (not sure if thats possible but what ever cha know) What could you have done better?: I feel as though in this situation something i could have done better was maybe making it more clear that my group was breaking into someones base than it already was.
  9. Blisna

    Baiting Sitnik

    POV : I was walking up to the front of the Compound with some lads, we started to conversate with the gate operator asking for entrance. Entrance was denied so i just went shucks and started to walk around the front end of the compound. Soon after my denial for the 213th time to get into the wonderful community. People started to just straight jump in. They were told to please stop trying to jump in and when they got into the compound after some brazy monkey business. Instead of using the rights that the people of the community had, they decided to initiate on some lads on the inside. One of the lads being a 503 member i started to get into a nice position to assassinate the individuals that have attacked my lads with the defenders rights that i gained from them being told "put your hands up, both of the hands." As well as them saying no only these 503 bois here, implying me, yes the 503 boi. Thats my POV but i would like to add that during the events of people trying to jump in. Im pretty sure that if you were to say this is my house please stop trying to get into my house. Pretty sure you can just glack the kid. As well in the video they are contemplating if they are able to kill people if they just jump in, being aware that there is defenders rights to gain. But you know im just a member of this beautiful community and thats the decision of the staff. Thanks for reading and enjoy your Weekend. To add i dont have any video evidence.
  10. just some advice for all the legends out there 


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  11. *you would open a box*

    *the box is empty, like actually nothing in there, how did you even get the idea of opening it, its so lite, like cmon bro, there is an embarrassing amount of nothing in there, good one lad.*

  12. Woops Voted No. I think there should be a timer between maps as it is very peculiar for people to just world hop. If lore masters were to delete the games lore and make the maps right next to each other well then its practical but for now its kinda a immersion breaker. If something like a system would be introduced I think a shorter cool down fro characters that are on two different maps would be neato.
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