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  1. The original goal was to be a vet. Patch up bunnies, kittens, puppies, maybe even rehabilitate horses on a farm. The plan changed when she was twelve, babysitting her grandmother after her grandmother had a stroke. The task was mostly her turning up the A.C., then turning down the A.C., getting blankets for her grandmother or removing them, and changing the volume up and down in a constant cycle. She found herself wanting to do more to ease the pain of others and when she was fifteen she signed up to be a candy striper. The knowledge she gained from her time volunteering was irreplaceable. She was sold. She had a plan to get a nursing degree, so she could pay her way through the rest of medical school and become a doctor. Unfortunately, the recession hit her family hard and nursing school wasn’t within grasp either. She had a backup plan, though. She joined the army as a medic and utilized on the job training with the hopes to use her G.I. bill to finish out medical school when her four years was up. Those four years never quite ended. As soon as her tour was done she was offered a position with the U.N., progressing her further than she would have hoped for at her age. Medical school would be three more years at minimum, but the U.N. was now and allowed her to help more people around the world. She was sold. Now a fresh U.N. Combat Medic, she found herself begrudgingly running papers to the embassy like a secretary. She drug her feet getting there, mumbling about her qualifications and how she was better than this. She arrived at the doors to the embassy and forced on her professional smile, determined to get this over with because in a few months’ time she was shipping out to her first U.N. assignment and could prove her worth once again. That’s where she met Brent, a charming man with an adorable accent that she couldn’t shake. They left the embassy together, chatting away about their passions and life. He mentioned his bartending skills, she talked about her medical training, and one walk turned into dinner, and him fetching a Starbucks coffee for her in the morning. She wasn’t sure how he came to be her fellow U.N. medic in such a short period of time, but she was glad for it. She finally felt like she had an ally which would make this tour in Chernarussia easier. They were on the same flight together, stationed at the same place, and laid their heads not far from one another.
  2. My characters name is Peaches she is a very very friendly gal. She tends to be naive and gullible on some occasions. Peaches was being taken care of by her sister which she called Big sis before the outbreak happened. Peaches is a happy outgoing person who tends to get mixed up in bad situations which her sister helped prevent. Her name is peaches because when she was little all she wanted was peaches hence the name peaches came to be by her Big sis. Peaches is an airhead and doesn't understand complicated things. She was babied and sheltered by her Big sis to prevent harm happening to her so she doesn't understand much of the outside world. Peaches loves her Big sis, Ted bears, and Peaches! Her favorite thing is Pink teddies because when she was little she tried to climb a tree and fell out which caused a head injury which makes her memory very bad but she remembers having a pink teddy from her childhood. Peaches was told that she was going go on a cruise with Big sis. Big sis took her out on a cruise to help her see more of the outside world since she didn't understand much. Peaches loves meeting new people and believes that everyone is FRIEND, so a cruise sounded like a blast to her. While she was on the cruise playing with Big sis the unexpected happened... the cruise started to go down from hitting a rock. Peaches was frantic and started looking for her sister but the boat when down too fast for her to find her.... Peaches woke up on the shore and was confused. Her memory which was already bad wasn't helping her. She didn't know where she was and couldn't remember much of the boat accident. Peaches cant remember much of her past now.
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