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  1. Would you please list the server notification times, it was less than 10 min to restart if memory serves. I was looking to log off and I saw the zombies agro before I saw the car. I will return the tent I took after the Anarchists admit to griefing my base camp in Bor right before the wipe. They used one member to infiltrate and the repeatedly brake in and rob lockers to horde all firearms. They also took all the nails in our inventory. This was payback.
  2. It hurts every time but if you love this game try seeing the wipe for what it really is. A chance to start over.
  4. I like how they roam in packs and seem harder to kill. Can we have those kind ?
  5. Found my first one of these at a chopper crash. There was a high powered scope next to it. Can I attach a scope mount to the M16A4 ? I think it relates to the mod.
  6. Not that this is helpful, I want the option to put the knife sheath where the radio or glow light slots are.
  7. I only ask because I can not find a tent or barrel anywhere.
  8. Please bring them back or add small green camping tents like from the old days.
  9. sorry, reading, thats a thing. I should have read the post all the way.
  10. I want the old British .357 break top, think it is called Anderson Wheeler.
  11. I just saw this on steam. The DMR was arguably the most sought after weapon on vanilla Dayz servers back in the day. Second only to the .50 rifles that were not always available. I am guessing this mod will become more robust. Worth a look.
  12. Here is the idea. We sign up for a 30 vs 30, 2 hour event. Both teams get a city. I think Cherno vs Electro would be awesome. The first hour is gathering supplies and setting up defenses. The second hour is capture the flag. The flag is the elected leader of the opposite city. They must be captured or killed. Colored arm bands or color uniforms must be worn, no switching colors. Red vs Blue.The server would be closed to everyone else for the 2 hours. Any takers ?
  13. Time going from Pristine too Worn should be increased by 100%. Worn too damaged should be increased by 50%. Damaged through Ruined leave the same.
  14. Yes this is always pain full. It is also a chance to rebuild and adapt. I lost some time and resources but when I think of the server as a whole it makes sense. I think solo players like myself should be limited too 1 lockable gate, one tent, and one barrel. There are plenty of structures and rooms that can be secured without the need for fences. I will try this play style myself.
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