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  1. Ah, sorry, Must have missed that portion of the fourms. I'll move this to the Roleplaying section , Sorry.
  2. *As you walk into the Lighthouse, you stumble and fall unto the floor, where you lay eyes upon a small, wrapped up note , kept in place by a shell casing* 2 days after the events on the boat, still terrified to come into contact with many people. . . I met some men though, Greg and Leonardo. Leonardo, was attempting to repair a Vehicle next to a rather large building, I attempted to help. But to no avail, there was not enough resources and no where near enough ammo to clear infected. It always comes down to that... Killing the infected, no matter were you are, they are there. We kept searching though, searching and searching. Then, we met Greg. He said that he knew of a small fishing village down the coast line, unknowing of this land I decided to follow, as did Leonardo. I soon fell victim to Human Condition. Sleep. I write this now, drowsy as we setup camp and begin to dose into the nocturnal dimension, If you do indeed find this, listen to my words. This may not be a Sanctuary, but there is still good to be found out in the wastelands. There are men, willing and pleased to help, do not give up yet. There is much to be found and accomplished, we all have a purpose. *The words cease to be written, and the note ends* // There is much I am wanting to do in DayzRP, and as I play, meet and group with people , these notes will continuously be posted. If you have any tips on how to improve these notes, I'm glad to take your words! The notes that will be written will include what i've done in a session or two of playing, this however was my first session in DayZRP (I believe it went rather well, though that's just me)
  3. I suppose I should elaborate on that, I was referencing that the Men whom brought Abraham into Chernaraus, and the men who attacked me are just for the story,so I did not have to find a group of people to be with ;P. However I dislike cliche's so it's bound to change, as for leaving them around that is a good idea, and i'll more than likely continue doing this when/if I allocate the time to it, thanks for the good words dude!
  4. *You find a note laying on the floor in Cherno hospital, crumpled but still visible* My name, is Abraham Ford, and there is much I need to tell you, though little time. The men whom transported me here, are dead. Dead and gone, turned, into those THINGS. I lived in Houston Texas, I am the last of my family to carry the surname Ford, for my family perished in the Early weeks of The Infection, we lived inside a Community who promised Protection, I was set to the job of Scavenging, when I returned one sunny Tuesday, my Wife was being raped, and my son was being held down to watch. I attacked the men who committed these things,pretty much turned them inside out. My wife left, but I followed, too late to stop the inevitable, She as well as my Daughter and Son had turned. I had to put them down, by my self. Men approached me days later as I followed a road to nowhere, they promised sanctuary and safety in Chernaraus, and me, having nowhere to go and nothing left, chose to go. When we reached here, men attacked us and they killed these men, I found this hospital as well as some paper and a pen, now i'm writing this wondering what to do next. . . *Writing ends in a scribbled line, signed Abraham Ford* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // Glad to finally be accepted into DayZRP, This is just a brief back story to my Character, as well as some information as to what I will be doing...