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  1. Kyle grew up in a small town in america and regularly hunted and fished and knew a lot about wilderness survival. He worked for a local farmer most of the time and wold also guide for hunters during season. While guiding an older man he got a job offer to come work for his shipping company. He would get paid several times more than he was and would get to see new places around the world shipping cargo. Kyle took the offer and on the first trip out there was a massive storm and rather than risk everyone dying the captain decided to bring the ship to shore. After the rough beaching the crew was greeted by a large group of infected and almost all were taken. Kyle tried to save a friend and ended up getting bitten. His friend was killed and after barely escaping he found a near by town and patched his wound even though he figured he was done for. After a night of drinking liquor he found he woke up and found that he hadn't turned. Not thinking much of it he set about putting his survival skills to the test and trying to find more survivors to try to retake the world.
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