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  1. Cake Walker was born on the family land near Branson, Missouri Jethro and Laverne Walker. The second child to Jethro and Laverne but the fourth child for Jethro. Jethro was previously married to Ruby Jean, Laverne older sister. Cake was quickly thrust into working the land, due to the death of Cake and Liberty's mother Laverne who past away in a truck accident. Cake was taken under the wing of his older sister liberty. One day working on the farm Constitution was messing with Cake and accidently hit him in the head with a shovel and knocked him out cold. When Cake came too, he was in the family barn surrounded by his brothers and sister, tending to cakes bump on his head. As the years went on the family began to realize something was wrong with Cake. He became slower and acted more like a child. Everyone assumed it was because of the accident. But it could be from other things to... A family feud broke out between Jethro and his siblings due to a dispute over a stream that ran near Jethro's moonshine operation. The siblings had their reasons to believe that their dad was killed by his siblings and that was soon confirmed. One day the farm was taken over by Jethro's brothers came to take the land from the siblings. But they didn't give up easily. They all fought hard and Freedom was injured during the fight. The Walker siblings cut their loses and stayed together and headed to Deer Isle after hearing it was ripe for hunting and fishing and most importantly...starting over.
  2. Sitting by his lifeless fiancé holding her hand. Tears rolling down his face. Rennick was on vacation to Chernarus when the infection hit. He and his fiancé Ashley where visiting Chernogorsk when they noticed strange things. Police and ambulances rushing around everywhere. People moaning and screaming, almost like they where hurt but they where running and chasing anyone who got to close. Rennick grabbed Ashley and hid in an abandoned pub for a couple days with enough food and water to last awhile. Rennick ran around securing anything that he thought may have looked unsafe, telling Ashley to remain calm and that they would make it out of this. Two days went by still sirens and screams being heard from outside. One week rolled by everything seemed to be calm. Any screams they had heard seemed distant. Rennick and Ashley made a plan to try to get to the docks and maybe find a boat and get out of Chernarus. They grabbed what they could and set out. Opening the door slightly checking the outside world, seeing nothing or no one. They set off down the street, moving swiftly. Rennick turned a corner and saw hundreds of infected all snapping their heads and staring right through him like he was just food. He didn't see anything in their eyes, their souls had vanished. He saw that they where no longer human. Without hesitation Rennick grabbed Ashley and they ran as fast as they could back to the pub Trying to get back in the door when Ashley was tackled by an infected Rennick quickly striking the infected off of her and getting her into the pub. Slamming the door shut and turning around to see an individual pointing a gun at them. Try to convince the man to put it down, an infected came up behind him and attacked him biting the flesh from his shoulder. The man screaming and just being eaten alive. Quickly Ashley and Rennick ran out the back door escaping into the back alley. Ashley telling Rennick she didn't feel good, but they had to keep moving. They ran out of Cherno, and found a abandoned cabin to hide in. Ashley looking pale and sweat rolling off of her. Rennick by her side all night holding her hand. In the morning he woke up and found her not by his side. He got up and looked around searching for her. He went to the door and found a note on the door and in big bold letters read... I LOVE YOU and that will never change. I am sorry... Rennick looked up and out of the window in the door way, he saw Ashley with blood running from her eyes and mouth. He made eye contact with her and he saw the same thing he saw the day before. That she was no longer their. Her soul was gone and she looked at him like he was food. Staring at her, she ran right at him slamming into the door screaming and clawing at the door. Rennick crying disappeared and snuck out the back door coming up behind her and told her that he loved her and drove a knife right into the base of her skull. Making her collapse to the ground. Rennick holding her hand crying, he buried her behind the house later that day. Rennick now consumed with anger set off to kill as many infected as he can.
  3. I am Jack Pope I logged in and was told over the radio by friends to come help with a raid. I made my way to Gorka and the raid was already underway. There was no car when I entered the base. There was a generator on the outside of the base when I arrived. I did take a tent but put everything I took out of the tent I put into the wooden crates. There was items on the ground but the items where already there when I arrived. The wall by the main gate I cut because I tried to throw the tent over the wall but it glitched and hovered in the air. I had to chop the wall to get the tent down, I apologize for that. Also when I arrived there was already a hole in the wall by the main gate to get in. I never witnessed anyone being boosted or glitching into or out of the base.
  4. Jack 'Jazz' Pope is a ex British Special Forces. His parents are originally from the United States but moved to Yorkshire, England. Jack was born in Yorkshire and spent his entire life in England. Jack comes from a broken family. Parents became divorced and he struggled to adjust to the day to day life. Jack grew up to join the British military and spent years in the military. Jack was on a short leave and going to visit Chernarus for a short vacation with a couple friends of his. They where in Berezino when things began to happen. Things became terrible fast, Jacks training kicked in fast. Jack tried to get himself and his friends out of the country but he had no such luck, it was too late. Jack lost all of his friends when they where trying to escape. A small hoard of infected stormed the safe house they had been hiding in and Jack was cut off from his friends. Jack witnessed one of his friends be torn apart and then become one of the infected. Jack was chased and he ran and escaped to the tree line to the West of Berezino, to see the city just being overrun by infected. Jack ran to the hills, to the base of the Black Mountains, using his training to stay alive. Jack was sure to escape, but couldn't live with himself if he just left his friends to die, that's if they even survived that hoard. But he had to go back and see if his friends survived. Even if that means traveling all of Chernarus to at least know the truth of what happened to them.
  5. Hey, I am new to DayzRP. I have a little Roleplay experience but not much. I have watched many hours of Roleplay and wanted to give it a shot. What type of Mods should we download??
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